Candle Convection Heater- Winter Camping with my Off-Grid Stove! (Snowmobile Camper Series)

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I designed and built a simple convection heater, ideal for: fishing huts, winter tents, or in my case…a snowmobile camper. It’s in the prototype phase right now, but it’s already showing some real promise! With the power of convection, it kept my sled camper warm, using only 4 candles! I’ve also designed the heater to use a small propane burner, to give it some versatility. After constructing my homemade heater, I put it to the test, by taking it on a winter camping trip.

Construction Plans (PDF File):
– Snowmobile Camper
– Pop-Up Cabin

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  1. Just an idea update to what my previous comment was…. As I was browsing around through Walmart for alternative heat ideas I come across tiki torch's. The fuel for those don't cost much and you can get a variety of containers for the fuel and they have a wick.

  2. Yes I'm a little late and adding a comment to this, I like the idea and say that it is awesome ingenuity. I don't know if anybody else mentioned it yet but maybe try adding a larger diameter exhaust side of the pipe. That would draw air in faster through the intake but allow faster exits of the exhaust gases. If your intake is larger than your exhaust then you create a bottleneck and that will slow down the air flow.

  3. Set the candle array on a spring platform so they move up closer to the pipes as they melt down and get lighter. To bring more air in without changing the pipe size add a fan to the outside air intake.

  4. Ideas:
    (1) Put the candles on a suitable spring, as the candles get lighter, the spring pushes them up.
    (2) A longer chimney can provide a stronger draft, providing more oxygen for the burn.
    (3) A kerosene burner might be a good solution, too. Kerosene is cheaper than candles, and burns cleaner with a blue flame if designed for heating rather that lighting purposes.

  5. This fabrication resembles @Daniel's Inventions YouTube video "ENDLESS Heat for Your Home WITHOUT Electricity." The good thing is, you've done things differently, @The Outsider. Your fabrication is easier to build and will help people who don't have the experience level of Daniel's Inventions.

  6. Idea 💡 use a section of all thread or bolt with a couple of fixed nuts to raise and lower the candle base, thus maintaining the flame height for optimum heat efficiency ! ?

  7. i have a suggestion for efficiency. you can make a stand for the candles that is hung by a wire, it should have a counter weight attached to a pulley. as the candles burn down and the weight of the candle is reduced the counter weight should be able to pull the candles nearer and nearer to the heat exchange pipe.

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