Crushing ducks on the Snake River!

Took the boat out hunting the snake river! Had a great time in one of my favorite spots. The weather was cold, and the ducks although few and far between, were ready to commit!

If you want to see how we built our boat blind, check out the video here!

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Gear I use:
WInchester Sx4,
Drake MST Equaders,
First lite merino wool beanie

Ducklander Quiet timber call
Ducklander Low life goose call

Avian x top flight series
Lucky Duck HD wing spinner w/ remote
Motion Decoy jerg rig,
Higdon XS pulsator.

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. What kind of boat, motor and boat blind do you use? You should do a video on that. Do you use a boat on all your hunts or just walk to the blind? We hike in a lot but a boat would be nice for river and res hunting. Not sure a boat is worth the hefty price though. Great videos my son and I hope you make more! God bless

PBS NewsHour West live episode, Feb. 21, 2023

Duck Hunting-Boat Blind Build