Curtain blind/sink box explained – OBX waterfowl hunting with TnA Guide Service

There are scant few places left in North America where curtain blinds (sometimes still called sink boxes although they are not the coffin style boxes often associated with the term) are still in use.

Dare County NC is one of those few places.

Here is a short tour of what a curtain blind is and how it works on the outer banks of North Carolina.

If you would like to try this very unique style of hunting, consider TnA guide service in Hatteras, NC. You can reach Capt Timothy Haegerich at (717) 448-1122. You can also follow them on Facebook at TnA Guide Service and on the web at

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  1. We hunted with TnA last year and had a great time. We'll be going back with them in just a few weeks! This is a helpful video so you know what you're getting into when you step into a sink box. Congrats on the pintails!

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