Custom Texas Hunting Blind Building Tips 3/5

The blind is done! Check it out Y’all! Turning the platform stand overlooking the platform feeder into a blind. This has been the plan all along. Just took some time to get it going. Enjoy

What do you think?

Written by HuntingBP

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  1. @pelletgun12 the bags are there, wont need the air in the winter, no power for the fridge, LOL, but I wont need one, it'll be cold any time I'm in here. I do live in there when Im hunting! Thanks!

  2. you gotta to be the busiest hunter on youtube, dude, the time and effort you put is mind boggling . that blind right there looks it has a 20 year guarantee. never mind hunting , watching you build stuff is good enough. lol

  3. all of this just to hunt with your son? correct. if a non-hunter found out how much work goes into hunting, they may understand life. if they see the amount of dollars we put back, it may come as a suprise. good work. and good luck!!!! to you both.

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