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In this video I talk about my must-haves for my deer blind. As most of you know, I hunt in Northern Michigan, and tend to customize my blinds for how I want them to be. It would be nice to have a blind that has everything that I am looking for, but I am still on the hunt for that.
Maybe I will take one of my dad’s old blinds and transform it into my ideal blind. I would be okay spending a little extra money in order to not have to modify in any way. Sometimes you have to spend a little more to get what you want.
Fire me up a comment and let me know what your must-haves are. What do you hunt in? Where do you hunt? Do you travel far to hunt from where you live?
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  1. Hi Charlie: hunting on federal land so a box blind (Ameristep)is what we use. Easy to carry in and set up , also easy to take down. A car window sun shade ( aluminum foil) is under my feet. A collapsible chair with cup holders is imperative. 3 zipper window is a must.
    A shooting stick is packed in also.
    Now something I would like a ledge to steady my arms when shooting, a heater buddy that won’t kill me ,
    Thanks for the great questions

  2. I have one spot to hunt and it's a cedar swap. I'm in northern Michigan also. I only have shoulder width in the trail to my blind so I made a permanent box blind. 6 high 4 wide and 8 long. Thia year I used one of those gravity chairs. I have sliding tinted windows that I made. I heat it with a wood stove that I also made in the shape of a triangle to fit in a corner. It's not insulated but I have the majority of it lined with sound deadening pads. I have a shelf the full length of one side up high.

  3. I'm on board for this project. I don't think there is a perfect set up for all so I would suggest a lot of ways to mount personal setups to. Like a spot to mount a 2×4 and attach to that. Heres hoping manufactures listen to there customers. Keep the content coming.

  4. Charley did you get in the little thank you bag from the grow op you went to visit?🤪 And yes I want a ground blind with niddle holes like my brick house 🕳 all over the roof so you can get ventilation for my buddy heater👍 I can't believe how cheap that box blind was at Menard's. I have the same a old office chair 💺 I've never tried the tinted windows does it cut your vision in low light in the morning and in evening?

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