Deer Blind Review / 16ft Tall Deer Blind / Homemade Deer Blind / Deer Camp / Custom Deer Blind Build

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. It's a nice blind for sure charlie.he should have done a bead if construction adhesive on the floor frame before putting the plywood down. Would have stopped the squeak. I would take black paint and put branches on the grey on the exterior. But that's only my opinion.

  2. Very nice blind Charley! I would put a grill on the deck for burgers and brats. Agree with another comment on the bubble foil. Quick easy install plus the critters leave it alone for the most part. Best of luck bud!!

  3. I really like the stairs along with the great hand-rail. And that is an awesome view out towards the food plot. As you well know building material has always been sort of expensive. I also am amongst those who like the pipe driven along side the wooden post. Those little things can be taken care of, piece of cake. She's a good blind.

  4. He probably didn't glue the floor down. Add extra screws…or more plywood. Here's a idea. Have people send in pics of blinds for you to rate and post on your channel. I'll dm you pics of my blind. Start there if you like

  5. Great blind, just needs some finishing touches to make it a awesome blind !
    Lots of deck screws in the floor, maybe for of that bubble foil insulation painted black would make it quiet and a little warmer .

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