Deer Blind Tour – Hunting In Comfort Part 2

Thought I would share with you guys how I like to build my permanent deer blinds to make them more comfortable and more stealthy.

What do you think?

Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Nice blind. Your putting all your eggs into one basket but if it’s a good location, it works!
    I assume this is gun hunting only, my blinds need to be for gun and bow, so they are completely different and I freeze my rear end off. I can think of many mornings that I’d love love love to be in that blind!!!
    Good job, thanks for showing it to us. Porcupines don’t live around me, but the mice and squirrels move in while I’m not around. I really enjoyed this video, thank you

  2. I built my to be 8×8. Three hunters and a sleeping couch. I installed a urinal in mine, I ran a hose out of it and down into the ravine right into a spot that has standing water.

  3. Just my thoughts as a hunter … a blind is not hunting …I have always just went to the woods and found myself a place to set and have always got my limit never failed and always used black power 54 cal.

  4. A+++ X's 2!!! Excellent hunting blind. Well… that explains that. I was wondering what that little notch was for in the window sill!!! haha I'd probably figure out a way to swap window sills in a nearly silent manner (no drill) by using some hanger bolts and maybe wing nuts. I don't know if it'd make a difference, but if I build a blind like that I might consider using flat black paint vs. gloss black on the areas you painted inside the blind. Thank You for sharing!!!

  5. Have you actually shot your crossbow out of that blind? It looks like the recoil of the limbs will hit the sides of the window. Just an observation and good luck this year in the U.P.

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