Deer Blind Windows Fogging Up? Best Way to Eliminate it!

Deer hunting blind window fogging is a real problem, especially when it’s cold & damp and you have a heater going. After some experimenting with a few different products, I discovered one that really works! If you are a deer hunter, the best product is probably already in your house and it makes total sense (scents) to use it! Check it out!!

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Just add a vent on each side of the roof peak, you can add doors to it if your worried about critter infiltration when not in use. Best way to get rid of condensation is to vent.

  2. It creates a draw pulling your scent in through the fire & up through the stovepipe high into the air, the taller the stovepipe the better draw it creates ")

  3. Propane is adding to the condensation problem. Propane contains a lot of moisture. The absolute best resolution is a small wood burner. Will heat without condensation. If you insist on propane, you need to add a vent on the roof to let moisture escape. No mumbo jumbo window treatment. Basic science.

  4. I think your results are not completely accurate because you cleaned the entire window before you started using the different products and that could have change the results, however with that said I am going to try the Scentaway body wash on my windows too

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