Deer Blinds: Build the Ultimate Ground Blind (on a Sled!)

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Deer blinds are an essential part of successful deer hunting. Deer blinds come in all shapes and sizes but in this video, we will show you how to build your own deer blind that is mobile and huntable with a bow-making it one of the coolest hunting blinds out there. The Handy Hunter builds one of the finest hunting blinds from the ground up based on every little detail that a deer hunter thinks about such as mobility, cost, huntability with a bow, room for multiple people, gun/gear/bow storage and protection from the weather (a nice roof over your head).

Traditional ground blinds are becoming ever more popular but they have some drawbacks when it comes to hunting deer. First, good deer blinds are not cheap. Second, ground blinds are hard to move once you set them up. Third, ground blinds sit on the ground and can become flooded with water and all sorts of critters. The Handy Hunter will show you how to build your own deer blind that will be easy to move, off the ground, won’t cost a fortune, and will last for many years of deer hunting.

This 2 man ground blind is built with the bow hunter in mind. It has an oval shaped design with swing radius in mind (with stabilizers attached)- something that square hunting blinds can’t offer. It also has a pitched roof in the middle to allow maximum headroom where it’s needed most when drawing back your bow. The inside of the hunting blind is loaded with gear/gun/bow hangers on the roof and around the perimeter to allow for neat storage with multiple hunters. Lastly, this ground blind has a removable roof for getting into tight spots.

Building a hunting blind like this is not hard with the right tools. A cheap welder, a high-speed metal cutter, and a good vise is all you really need to get started. This can be a fun project with your family or hunting buddies. Once it’s built, this ground blind is easily moved with an ATV, truck, or pulling it by hand. This truly is the ultimate ground blind when it comes to deer blinds. Good luck with your deer hunting!

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