Deer Camp Cooking In Deer Blind. Michigan Upper Peninsula Hunting

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  1. Love the video I have been cooking in my blind for years. My buddy always tells me it scares the deer last year I had to put my bacon and eggs down to shoot a deer. I use a Magic chef countertop stove

  2. I run a similar set up with the Buddy Heater- have cooked leftover pizza, chili, ravioli, ham/cheese sandwich and pasties. Gonna have to try pizza rolls next season! Nothing like warm food in the woods.

  3. This is awesome!! I thought throwing a fool wrapped sausage biscuit on top of the buddy heater was living high on the hog!! Ideas for next season!! Love the small skillet you got…Pizza rolls in the blind, cracks me up!! Here's to Da U.P!

  4. Your not fat Im We built a bad ass tower blind on our lease in Belleville Mi. [email protected]
    We eat in it (wife and me) but haven't cooked in it. Smoked a fatty or two tho 😎 man we love da u.p eah. We have friends in Ispheming one who operates a bear camp. Gonzo Bear Camp. Ive heard its a tough go up dare fur deer. But hunting in Belleville blows too. They extended the season yet again to jan 31st. They're killin all the deer. Only saw the same 2 does and 2 fawns all year. No bucks over 2yrs old in the 2nd yr of the lease. Fuckers…all my neighbors shoot anything & everything. I'd love to hunt the u.p. no friends that deer hunt it tho. Just Bear. Love the channel. Good hunting my friend. Mike

  5. Lolol awesome chat. Thats why your so fat. Gotta love it. Im watching moonlight in escanaba movie #2! Lolol good luck and yum on those poppers and pizza rolls. Im not hunting but i had homemade soup for lunch. Ha ha

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