Deer Hunting Blind 5' x 6' – Insulated (Economy Build)

This blind tour is to give you some ideas on how to build a deer hunting blind without breaking the bank – if that can be done anymore with lumber prices the way they are!

The platform/base is constructed using 12 foot 2×6’s and 10 foot 2×6’s cut in half. This size allows you to get by with utilizing just one sheet of 3/4′ Plywood or OSB for the floorboard.

What do you think?

Written by HuntingBP

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  1. I have one almost identical to this, definitely put carpet on floor bit remove after season, make dam sure it's sealed up or mice will get in and reak havoc with your insulation, definitely paint the inside black or camo, good luck nice blind!

  2. In actuality there is no need to camo a shooting house deer. Will see that there is a huge square siluett. But they will get used to,it being there. I've hunted from the ground. And killed deer no further that 10 yards away from me. They dont see coulors like we do its movement and sound. That they key in,on. Fact is they don't use there since of smell much either. Fact I seen one fellow get about 5 yards . away from a deer he was bow hunting on,the ground. And That takes real skill unlike hunting from a blind. ,,

  3. Greetings from Chittamo, WI about 18 miles west of Hayward. I'm looking at hunting blind videos in anticipation of building another one next year and found your videos very informative. Thanks!

  4. The corners creat some big blind spots! When you factor ten to twelve inches solid wall in the blind, at 100 yards away you’ll have a hundred plus feet of zero vision. Any deer walking towards you, you’ll have a hard time seeing!!

  5. Nice building! I like the camo style pint on it. My father in law ( up near you in the Pound area) extended the floor of his stands to have a small landing in front of the door. This allows for easier access into the shack. Also, for when it REALLY cold, he put a little buddy heater inside with a connection to a 20 lb gas tank out on the landing. Great for keeping warm while you wait for light to open the windows. Great job, looks like some good shooting area around you.

  6. I like this one. We've built similar about the same height off ground except ours were mostly open, no sliding windows, just short walls and a top. Carpet on the floor for quietness. Also, we concreted our 4×4 posts a couple feet into the ground, more stability. I like the camo on this one too.

  7. Had a prefab blind like this in GA. The mud dauber wasps found every possible entrance. Had to spray it day before every hunt. The stink of the bug spray detracted from the experience. And mud daubers will bite you.

  8. Carpet on the floor for sure. Used tin on the outside saves tons ! Artificial1 xmas tree branches to conceal the windows I just saw a nice stand on Facebook wanted $3500. Their spendy do ur homework !!

  9. Looks good Brett! Not to pick apart your work , but I noticed right away where the tip of your ladder is resting against the frame of blind. My suggestion would be to add another board to catch more of the ladder rails. If those edges gave way you might face plant into something. Just not enough wood there? Again just my observation and hope to help you save an injury from occurring!

  10. Great video sir. Are the windows traditional windows just laid on their side or a true slider window? Hope you have a great hunting season. Keep up the great videos.

  11. This blind is very similar in size to the one I built. Mine has a trap door entrance and sliding plexiglass windows. I also use a Lil' Buddy propane heater. For ventilation, my sliding windows have a 3/8 inch gap at each end. I was a little apprehensive about an unvented heater in such a small space, but I have used it for years with no problems. I also rigged up a little hot plate on top of my heater to boil water for coffee, heat soup, etc. I really can't tell that the deer detect odors. I have filled my two tags every year since I built it. And it sure is nice to be dry and cozy warm no matter the weather.

  12. Brett……I need your opinion…….I have ask several DIY people here on YouTube that build their own blinds. And no one can agree on an answer. So, I figured I would ask you.
    On a 6×8 tower stand, wrapped with OSB, house wrapped, then wrapped with used roofing metal all the way around…….should I fill the ribs with expandable foam to keep bugs and mice out? Or, leave them open incase of condensation so air can dry it out? It is built like a house. Literally. I even put baffles in the ceiling above the insulation and put soffit on it so it can breathe. Plus a heat vent……and on and on. So it's built right. I just can't decide on the ribs. Any opinions?

  13. I paint the inside of my blinds flat black to remove any ambient light. Only the interior walls that a deer could see. It absorbs the light and lowers your silloette. I leave the lower half of the interior unpainted to allow ambient light to brighten the lower section so I can see to grab my gun, binos, dig in my backpack, etc.


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