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Sometimes hunting from the ground can be your best option, particularly if deer are moving during daylight in areas with no trees around to hang a stand. Using a standard step ladder from your local hardware store can be a great option to get an extra few feet of visibility over tall grass, while still preventing you from becoming skylined. I chose to buy a 6′ Fiberglass ladder because it’s lighter and longer lasting that wood, yet it’s quieter and warmer to the touch than aluminum. Of course, I camouflaged the ladder and added a carry strap. Now, it’s a great solution to be able to deer hunt in some great overlooked areas.

This strategy is ideal in marshes, where the soft ground will usually allow the feet to sink in a bit for stability. Wood ladders have been used in some capacity like this for a long time. Here’s a link to Dan Infalt discussing his ladder setup:
He also has a ton of great knowledge on his forum and DVDs:

Werner ladder on Amazon:
Keller Ladder from Menards:

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  1. lol. About 30 years ago in Arkansas I came across a 10 ft tall ladder leaned against a tree while rifle hunting deer. They had engineered a seat on it. I killed a nice 8 point not 20 minutes later from it

  2. Here in Illinois I hunt primarily prairieland. There are some trees but none of the mature bucks bother even getting 150 yards from the closest treeline. This will be a game changer…

  3. Genius! I injured my hand a few days before Bow season and couldn't use my climber so I only used the seat section of it to keep me off the ground wearing 3D Camo and used brush to break up my head and shoulders. I seen more deer in range in two weeks than I did all last year 25 ft off the ground shooting a deer from 25 ft up can give you a rush but shooting one 15 ft away on there level is friggin wild! Good luck to all

  4. going to give this a try come muzzleloader where I hunt they get alot of pressure not only from bowhunters but the bird hunters as well , I've noticed deer walking calmly through this type of area many times and always wanted to give it a try but never got around to it. love your vids -keep em coming-thanks

  5. Put a boat seat on top if stability is an issue ratchet strap it to a small tree or tall brush I've been thinking about this for a while I think it will be my project now that I saw yours I hunt an area that is really thick cover About 500 acres worth but no sizable trees

  6. This is great. I’ve got a spot I sat in a brushy area went in during rain for cover noise no trees to get in and had a shooter buck at 20 yards but couldn’t shoot through brush at ground level. I am going to paint up a ladder for this spot. Thank you.

  7. I use ladders a lot myself but I like the gorilla ladders at the box stores better because they have a larger platform to stand on and they are super light. I put my arm through the ladder and carry it on my shoulder, no need for a strap. its nice because you can move your stand location very easily and quickly.

  8. I dont think some of you realize he is bow hunting not gun hunting so recoil is nill.. I have a few spots i might have to this out in… Get my ASAT camo gilly suite on and this would be a very awsome idea for bow hunting…

  9. this is a great idea and will work great for me as this is just like the spot I hunt. thank you for this tip. I know most on here don't understand it and all but we don't all think the same

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