Just finished my deer blind, and thought I’d post the video of the whole process. I may even build more like it. Jump to 4:00 to see the finished blind. Don’t forget to comment and subscribe!

What do you think?

Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Overall, very nice job … !

    Personally, on a 4' × 4' blind I would consider external framing to allow for 48" × 48" interior floor space rather then limiting it to 45" × 45". Three inch additional elbow room in a small structure becomes significant. I would also utilize 1× lumber for weight savings, over 2×. Just my preferrence.

    Nice blind … ! Great Camo job … !

  2. I'm sure some are cheaper than what this cost. But they probably wouldn't last as long if you didn't take them out of the woods every time you hunted. I had a portable popup that didn't make it all season a couple years ago.

  3. @SouthernRebels2 Cut some plexi-glass 1/2" bigger than the opening. Then attach the hinges to the glass. Don't use glue like I did, it won't last. Drill the glass and put small screws in to hold it. Don't force the drill, it will crack the plexi. I cut a strip of aluminum for the top where I put the bungies to make it more rigid. Drill holes in that, slip the bungie in and tie a knot to hold it. Then just line it up to the opening and attach it. Jump to 3:15 to see how to hold it closed.

  4. @TUFFNDN Be sure to put a nice chair in it for her. I picked up a nice office chair with wheels and arm rests at a storage auction for like 10 bucks. I've only hunted it once, but a couple of the other guys in my club have taken their kids and hunted in it. They said there was pretty comfortable.

  5. @baltardz One more tip: I left it sitting in the back yard and a wind gust blew it over and messed up the roof overhang! I had to drill holes in each 2×4 that sticks out the bottom to drive a rebar welded with a T-handle in each corner. She's not going anywhere now LOL!

  6. @baltardz
    Thanks for the comment! The bottom measures 48" x 47-1/2". That way I didn't have to shave any off the edge of the 1/4" sheet I used on the sides. The front side I left 8' tall, but I made the back side 6" shorter. (I'm 6'-6" tall and I wanted to be able to stand up and stretch my legs). The windows are about 40" off the floor. I actually sat in the chair I'm going to use and measured off the floor to find a comfortable height for them.

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