Disparate Pieces | Critical Role: THE MIGHTY NEIN | Episode 4

The party presents evidence of the devil toad’s corruption at a midnight trial, and Beau confronts an envoy from her past…

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. I really wanted Nott to run up to Jester when she sees her again and just be like "LOOK LOOK I STOLE A DOOR KNOB!" all excitedly. And Jester be like "oh that's real nice" like a mother talking to her daughter giving her a shitty painting.

  2. Pulled from below:
    Sam Presents the DnD Beyond Awards 00:30

    Foreshadowing this episode’s rolls 4:45

    Episode Start 8:50

    No Respect for the Dead 14:30

    At level 2, you don’t kill kids, you just traumatize them 19:40

    A heartfelt apology 35:05

    Travis with unlimited Disguise Self is OP 37:30

    Jester, priestess of trickery 44:00

    Nott, trained rogue 47:40

    Caleb is the actual worst lawyer 1:11:10

    Yasha ran to get to the set of Blindspot, Fridays on NBC 1:14:50

    Yasha on the lam 1:24:50

    Nott and Jester Buddy Cop movie please 1:38:20

    This girl’s gonna be the final boss 1:43:20

    No comma 1:46:25

    This feels like an actual Monty Python sketch 1:49:05

    That 18 Wisdom score 1:50:20

    Beau is into ladies confirmed? 1:57:55

    Break Starts 2:00:02

    Break Ends 2:11:24

    I gotta use that sometime 2:19:30

    Old Man Matt 2:42:20

    Nott a German 2:50:05

    The Bathhouse Caper 2:54:15

    Map Hype 3:03:25

    …Spice? 3:15:30

    But why though? 3:33:50

    Yippee Kiyay 3:40:40

  3. re: inn fees: I honestly think the Lawmaster owes the inn whatever the party didn't already pay since she's the one who placed them under house arrest in a place of business

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