DIY 2×4 Deer Stand with Box Blind for Deer Hunting

Deer season opener is just around the corner and we needed another deer stand! This deer stand is 17′ up in the air giving you wide view and has an optional blind and roof to keep you more concealed and comfortable while waiting for your whitetails!

Huge thank you to Onduline North America for supplying the Ondura Premium Panels this amazing deer blind build and for their continued support of the @DIYTyler Channel. You can find all about their products using the links below and check them out at your local Lowes store.
Ondura Premium Panels:


Single 16″ Deer Stand

Double 17′ Deer Stand w/ Optional Blind


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Marr free Counter Sink bit:
10 Million Dollar Stick:
Better Vue Screen:
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Mirka 6″ ROS Sander:
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  1. Old carpenters trick, when pulling nails with a claw hammer have you a small block of 2×4 handy and place it between the hammer head and the material your pulling nails from. It'll give you more leverage on the nail.

  2. Great video. I built one similar to this for this season but got some ideas for more stands next year. BTW, I loved seeing your kids "helping" you! It's always much more fun when the kids are involved!

  3. Very cool build. I just purchased my new home on more land than previously and I need to build my new blind and stand. This looks quick,easy and right up my alley 👍🏼

  4. Awesome job!!! Just sad now that lumber prices are yet AGAIN through the roof!!!!!🤬! One 8 foot 2×4 is $8.00!!!!!! Absolutely absurd with this prices!!!!. I’m SO DONE with any projects! Maybe some we’ll be able to afford some DIY projects again!!!

  5. “Ok, stand back in case I uh drop this.” You seem to be a better father than mine. If he drops a panel I need to catch it so it doesn’t break. Or atleast make sure it has something soft to land on, like my fractured skull. 😂😂

  6. I would get myself a chain and connect it to your eye bolts. Wrap it around the back of the tree and get a ratcheting boomer and winch it down tight. That’s a lot of weight up there with you, a gun or bow and one tiny ratchet strap. Other than that it looks cool. Should serve it’s purpose.

  7. Great video, Tyler. Definitely worth a thumbs-up! I love venison, especially venison chilli. After you harvest your deer, how about a preparation and cooking video. I would definitely enjoy that.

  8. Great build! I would also slide in a removable board across the ladder opening. That would make it feel more secure when you're pivoting to shoot at deer at a weird angle.

  9. Awesome build!! How about a deer cam set up to see the view? I am sure YouTube wouldn’t be happy with showing the intended purpose of the stand. Love the channel

  10. You definitely have a great little helper there👍. Definitely appreciate your thoughts as you run into issues, not just showing the build and end result. Well done sir😉👍

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