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This is my version of the cheapest way to build a DIY scissor blind on a boat. Also, Check out the new logo on the hoodie and let me know what you think! Have hats, beanies, and obviously hoodies coming soon. But I’m taking orders for some hoodies now! Until I can get a legitimate website established, just hit me up on IG @Back_Forty_TV if you’re interested in a hoodie! Thanks for watching!

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  1. Cool project and cool video! – But I have a friendly suggestion… Try out a wireless mic on your camera –

    This particular one is AWESOME compared to the cheaper options I have tried. (I tried a few!) The range is about 100 yards if you keep the antennas in the same orientation (vertical or horizontal). It would be perfect for your field videos. It totally blows away other cheaper options!

    Just be sure and use the fuzzy "dead cat" muffler on the mics (They're included in the kit!). The thing I really like about this kit is it has TWO mics, not just one. Allowing me to "mic-up" my son or whoever is helping me.

    This has a hidden benefit – the YouTube auto-generated closed captioning (I am half deaf!) actually works a LOT better with this rig! Turn the audio down to about 8-10 on the transmitters and you will be quite happy…

    I am digging your duck videos!

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