DIY Catfishing, Bowfishing, Duck Hunting Jon Boat Conversion

DIY Catfishing, Bowfishing, Duck Hunting Jon Boat Conversion
Project Bottomland Bateau: Episode 16

Want to DIY build the ultimate catfishing, bowfishing, and duck hunting on boat? Follow along and I will show you how I transformed this old 1648 jon boat, into a hunting and fishing machine that looks as good as it rides. This is a full build video and is very detailed about everything used in this project. Watch all the way to the end because you will not want to miss a second of this build! And as always don’t forget to stick around to the end of the video for the bloopers and the hater’s corner!

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Camera gear we use:
Camera Lenses:
Camera Mount:
Flex Mount:
Flex Tripod:
Tall Tripod:
Lav Mic:

Products used in the boat repair video series:
Kreg Rip-Cut saw attachment:
Jigsaw blades:
Straight cut router bit:
Wood glue:
Wood clamps:
Fiberglass resin:
Chip brush:
10X20 Canopy Cover:
Standard Rivet Gun:
Large Rivet Gun:
¼ Inch Sealed Rivets:
3m 5200 Sealant:
JB Marine Weld:
Brazing rods:
Brazing Flux:
3/16 Inch Sealed Rivets:
Welding helmet:
Welding gloves:
Angle Grinder:
Flap Disc:
Float Pods:
22 Inch Light Bar:
11 Inch Light Bar:
LED Navigation Lights:
3/16 Inch Sealed Rivets:
Grab Bar:

Watch the entire Project Bottomland Bateau Series:

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  1. Bought a 1436 and want to do very similar project. The boat does need a set of new paint. Should I paint the interior first and then start building the frames for the deck etc.? And should I build the floor afterwards?

  2. Great build! I’d like to send you some pictures of a jon boat I built for my nephew. But, I’m old and don’t know how I’d do it. And btw, that’s a pretty fancy hot glue gun😊

  3. Just found your channel…bro you're not only a true craftsman but the neighbor and friend I wished I had. Great job on the build….tight lines and happy hunting….lifetime subscriber here brother!

  4. Your video is awesome and may help to keep my marriage! As my husband is Telling me what he's going to do with my tiny boat!
    Thank you! I wanted more than plywood! Looking forward to watching it again.

  5. Your boat builds are definitely awesome. But the comments you make about every piece you put in is almost as good! Definitely going to subscribe and look forward to future videos.

  6. If you see this, could you please tell me how wide are the catwalks on the side? I would like to make them a little wider for places to sit. Thanks for a great channel, SEND IT!!!!!!!!

  7. By hand? Not with that big ass tool. Try a literal hand rivet tool. The glue on your beard would melt and your butthole would get all wet from all the man stuff you just touched

  8. I think it’s funny how these guys grow a beard and wear a flannel shirt and think that makes them a man. You’re so Insecure because of your little tiny wee wee that you always have to talk about being a man. I know you and those hillbilly friends get together and circle jerk on the regular.

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