DIY Deer Blind: Scrap wood used, Awesome results

Hi folks and welcome to Schick Happens. In today’s episode, I take you along with me, following the progress of building a mini, mobile deer blind I dubbed the Rut Hut. While there are no plans for this, and exact building guides (I just winged it), it may inspire you to build your own. I simply wanted a small 4X4 blind I can move from season to season around my property. I wrapped the outside with cedar slabs, left over from the saw mill. The interior is framed with standard construction lumber left over from a previous project.
While I made this as a deer blind, one can also make something similar for a small retreat or a fort/playhouse for the kids. Or possibly a garden shed.

What do you think?

Written by HuntingBP

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  1. I absolutely love this type of build. No plans, no fuss, just an idea in your head and bringing it to fruition! Even if you had to slightly change things as you went (height). It turned out awesome!! I can see it already….Buck Tales Outdoors: Live from the Rut Hut!! 😁

  2. Awesome CJ《☆》Well done Brother👍I'm sure the Deere won't have a clue other than another place to scrape antlers🖖😁◇¿.🌴◇:*:◇🌴Greetings from⛾Florida🤳my good friend😎🎱☮🔊🖖👍

  3. That's a nice build. If you ever give up deer hunting, this could easily be converted into a fancy out house. LOL I may have to take some barn lumber and build myself one.

  4. I don’t know CJ . Looked like it was leaning a bit , the wrong cookie for your type of bush and the windows are to small ! Tell ya what you send that one to me you know just so you won’t have to look at it and you can start over and do it better. learning from your mistakes is part being a better blind builder ! 🤣🤣🤣 all jokes aside awesome job my friend can’t wait to see you harvest a big ole rutted up buck from it this season . Thanks for sharing

  5. I wish I had the time and your skills Schick. Awesome, that will help you hidden whilst you watch the Deer during hunting season. I made it all the way Schick,. The finishing Looks great 👍🏼 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ Have a great day Schick. Your looking well and I hope your health is going well.

  6. Now that's a blind! I love the idea just being able to pick up and move when needed. That cedar looks so good on there you better get it to the woods quick before the rut hut becomes a she shed lol

  7. Nice looking Rut Hut CJ. Looks very solid and should be nice and warm for hunting season. Maybe get a hold of Kap and see if he will give you one of his Ozonic units to help mask the cedar scent lol

  8. I love the way that thing turned out CJ! Looks like a cool little cabin with the cedar overhang and with that tar paper lining it should hold heat well even with a breeze blowing. I have built most all my deer stands or blinds this same way, just a basic idea of what I wanted them to be and then started working. Great Video Brother!! Now we need a video of you and Dana hunting together in it this season..🤣🤣🦌🦌

  9. Awesome build CJ ! I built a hut in our garden with the same 'no plans' ideolgy.. except I was dumb enough to forget that the hut was on blocks to hold it off the damp.. and I measured all the uprights from the earth floor !! lol
    Now every time I bang my head on the cieling timber I can say 'Next time I'm going to draw a plan !!' lol
    You've built a superb creation there my friend !!

  10. That looks awesome CJ!! The only suggestion I have is to add some boards to the very bottom to make it look like a pallet. That way when you carry it, it will not want to tip off the forks 🙂

  11. Whitney is very jealous of your set up. I would be too if I knew anything about being industrious! This is really cool CJ! I like the detail of the overlap so it looks like a log cabin. If you made that a double wide I could live in that.

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