diy Jon boat duck blind PVC

tour of scissor duck blind on 1236 Jon boat made out of PVC and stainless steel hardware for saltwater and freshwater duck hunting

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. I live in Florida and only hunt salt, PVC only lasted 1 season, it will dry rot on you and start snapping in places. Conduit is fine for salt water. You’ll get more life out of it than what you got. Outstanding build though 👍

  2. Great job. Planned on same design and materials for my 12ft v bottom just to save weight! We aren’t near the coast here in NC. But I see your concern with the conduit.

  3. Yea man I think that looks good! Your blind is exactly like mine, except it’s pvc, I think the burlap you painted with the brush will work just fine, I’ve used burlap in the past but have since gotten away from it, it doesnt hold up very well after getting wet on and off throughout the season it will mildew and stink and begins to rot so you may have to replace it each season, just a heads up on that! But overall nice job it will work just fine for y’all

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