DIY Mirror Blind Pt. 2

This is part 2 of a DIY project for a mirrored hunting blind…for those of us who don’t have $500 dollars to spend on a blind, this one is quite a bit cheaper….and WAAAAAY cooler than traditional hunting blinds.

What do you think?

Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Honestly, the price for the commercial product, for what it is, is ridiculous even though it's a great idea. I was thinking of using corrugated plastic cardboard. I don't begrudge anyone for wanting to make a profit, but damn. They'd likely sell a lot more at a lower price.

  2. ————————- Casper the Friendly Deer Blind ————————-
    Wow! Thanks for the bright idea. I always look for cheaper ways to copy expensive hunting equipment!
    I cannot afford the high end hunting clothing and equipment so thank you very much!

  3. I think corrugated plastic would work better
    -You wouldn't have to paint it
    -It would have a serious weight advantage
    -Cheaper to construct
    -And significantly quieter

  4. Cool thanks for sharing this project with us. Only one suggestion I think you need to fold the Casper blind so the mirror side is inside wend folded. This way your not sending a signal that you are coming. I believe I will build one for next year. But mine will be a Spooky Blind..

  5. My only question is why use heavy, expensive plexi? The product, (Gila window film) will work mounted onto light plastic hollow core boards, or even ridgid foam insulating board.

  6. Lowe's has a hefty price on a sheet of 1/4" plexi glass. OPTIX brand at Lowes is $230.00. self adhesive film is around $3.00 per sqft. Adding hardware and paint brings the price to the same as the actual "Casper" blind. Unless you have plexiglass laying around it seems that you're better off getting one already made.
    Edit: Nice job. Doesn't look "thrown" together.

  7. It seems like a couple layers of silver metallic spray paint would accomplish roughly the same effect with a lot less time and money investment. Thanks for the video!
    Also, a knot or two would serve the same purpose as the black plastic balls.

  8. So I just bought the blind that you don't refer to in this video I wished I'd have seen this first . I thought about the same thing but the tint I had wasn't nearly as good as what you used….can I get a brand name that you used?

  9. Finding this 8 years later and looking at building one. do you think masonite would work? Lighter and I wouldn't have to coat the back (except for extra durability/waterproofing

  10. I'm one that owns a ghostblind and recently bought the run-and-gun style. But yeah you pull this off pretty good. I still rather pay and rely on craftsmanship from a professional then my own, mainly because if I do a bad job of it that's money I just threw away. We all know hunting isn't cheap and it is what it is. But this is a good video well done sir!. Blue collard for life!

  11. me, i just take camo spraypaints, a roll of camo tape for hinging and 1/4" 4×8' lauan/plywood underlayment and make my blinds. Supper easy and, all for about 30 buicks

  12. Looks great. Any chance i can get some more detail about top portion: shooting slot dimensions. Also one quick question. Math says anything closer than 20 feet will see itself in mirror. Has this ever been a problem?

  13. I have seen your video and by the it was great, thanks !! My question is when u set up the blind and painted the inside section so light doesn't shine through. Was the Gila reflective film applied to the outside of plexi glass or did u apply it to the inside witch u then painted? Only asking cause the directions for the Gila film states to only apply on the inside of  glass. In the process of gathering material to build my own. 

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