DIY MODERN HOMESTEAD BUILD – Location, Design, Thought Process, Owner Builder General Contractor

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0:00 Let’s get the party started
1:26 Making The PLAN
2:08 A little Backstory
5:45 Selection of Location
7:00 Why Colorado (general location)?
12:40 Specific Location Considerations
20:33 House Design Considerations
22:52 Use the Sun’s Heat
28:00 Thermal Mass
30:35 How’s It Look and Why?
32:45 Placement on the Lot
35:15 Permitting
39:30 Why’d I Take It On Myself?
44:08 Being a General Contractor SUCKS
48:56 Frustration
54:44 The End Goal – The Homestead
56:56 Quick Build Update
58:35 Architects / Engineers

I’ve had a 10 year plan to build a custom home on some land that I can turn into a homestead. This is the intro to my custom home build in Colorado, that will eventually be home to my homestead and a more self-sufficient life. This video on the homestead covers property / location selection, house design considerations, some frustrations of trying to build in the 2020s, and things I’ve learned so far as the owner builder / general contractor.

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  1. Love the video sir. Thank you for that backstory as well. I'm 34(turn 35 in 8 days) and just waiting on paperwork then I can get moving on a 10 acre lot here in TX that I've been interested in and have been considering a Barndo build too 😁

  2. I’m in the very early stages of my “10 year homestead” custom build as well so I find this super helpful and cool. I’ve been planning to do it a lot like you are where I would be the general contractor and since I’m an electrician I’ll be doing all of my own electrical

  3. Hey Mike! Cheers on 37! Here I was thinking I had a decade on you and turns out we’re the same age. I really appreciated your perspective on running from a fight. I hope more Americans get involved instead of getting out. Great message!

  4. So, I’m not really a gun guy or a prepper, and I’ve only recently gotten interested in trucks and back-road/off-road exploration, and I don’t know beans about building a house, BUT I find your channel strangely compelling!! All of it, all of the subjects you tackle, are interesting, and I think your genuine enthusiasm for it all is the reason. So thanks, and keep up the good work.

  5. We live in Denver and would love to buy a plot further toward the front range. My dad, further south in Colorado is building a full passive solar house right now. Basically anything that has gone wrong with the build has occurred because of contractors cutting corners or flaking out on the job. My dad, (65 years old) has spent more time redoing or correcting bad contractor work than with anything else on the house. The old adage is correct with this one, "if you want something done right, do it yourself"

  6. I was thoroughly entertained by the whole video. Every topic. I think it would be cool to go over some of the budget stuff and how you financed it.
    I also thought you were closer to my age! You’re 7-8 years older though which actually motivated me to keep pushing hard towards some of my bigger goals that are similar in ways to yours. Stoked for this series!!

  7. Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, and Virginia are all entirely above the 35th parallel (35 degrees latitude), and therefore making Vitamin D in these states during this period is also not possible.

  8. I am a builder in OR. I love to build however it seems like we put more time into permits than we do building. We do mostly one of projects I like the variety in doing custom homes. Great video not often I watch a hour long you tube video lol.

  9. This is awesome! Remember, when you are sitting on the deck overlooking the creek or out front soaking up the sun rays, seeing your hard work in the end will out weigh all your current frustrations.

  10. Great video, It was great to see you expressing the frustrations of getting shit done in today's environment! I'm a GC in Florida and I was vigorously nodding my head when you were expressing the 'journey' of building your home. Well done so far and love that you are incorporating Passive Home into your build. Keep going bud, you are creating a Family Legacy!

  11. I'm not done watching but I just want to say that this is a great video. I have very similar aspirations and hope to complete something similar in Colorado as well. Thanks for sharing!

  12. How did you learn about the building codes? IE. you need a sprinkler system in your house? Did an inspector come and tell you or the plumber etc? Interested in this process.

  13. Being self-sufficient is one of the main reasons why I hunt. Have you ever considered taking up hunting for a cleaner source of meat and becoming less reliant on getting meat from the grocery store.

  14. If you want to live in Colorado and buy a larger piece of land just say F the mountains. The entire eastern half of state land is cheap. As far as 2A, there isn't really a "magazine ban" here. Most counties are 2A sanctuary counties, meaning they dont support the "ban". I can go to many gun stores in the Denver metro area that sell "high capacity" magazines right off the shelf. Also with the recent supreme court decision all these stupid gun laws will start falling.

  15. I worked at a company once where we had to fortify the entire building – including safe rooms for employees, bullet proof walls, doors, and all that good stuff + cameras with facial recognition and and and … pretty cool project actually.

  16. We're doing something really similar. Our house definitely isn't as big but we are doing it with SIP's. House was under roof in a week and now I can finish the rest on my own time. Definitely some drawbacks to SIP's but it goes up really fast and is really energy efficient.

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