DIY Portable A-Frame Blind Under $100

Early Goose Season is Only a Few Days Away Here In NY so Today We Built an A-Frame Blind for Under $100. We Included All The Needed Materials and Hopefully This Helps You Out!

Duck Lips



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  1. Silicone holds PVC pipe together well and it can be taken apart later I’ve used tie wraps for attaching branches but I’ve seen the rolled up hay used for round bail blinds I think that it’s called soil preparation material with chicken wire. Great idea for a nice lightweight blind unfortunately in my situation there’s too much thrift of equipment going on to use anything that can be carried away because they certainly will. Just give you an idea during bow season these inbred jackasses target Parking areas on public land also along the roads where a hunter is parked bust out the window and steal whatever is in the rig. So your bow case, butchering equipment is what they expect to find but they’ll take it all. So I’ll have to go with wood maybe free pallets. If I ever get to a place where I can use a blind like that I’ll remember your build great job! Tom R.

  2. I'm using this set up as a blind for my boat. I'm gonna back it with a flat brown tarp on the inside for water/wind resistance and chicken wire and natural ingredients on the outside of it.

  3. I use hemp twine on my homemade boat blind to attach the natural stuff. Usually rots after the season and by mid-oct when I'm ready to get it ready for the season all the old grass, weeds etc. are off the chichen wire, or plastic netting I use.

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