DIY Quack Attack Duck Hunting Back Pack and Marsh Stool: How to and demo (Swamp N Stomp ep. # 42)

Danny and Mark demonstrate their latest DIY build and explain how to build one for yourself. This is the ultimate system for doing light weight waterfowl hunting trips that require long treks over rough terrain. In one compact system you have a backpack, gear carrier, packout bag, and marsh seat. After previously walking miles through one of Florida’s vast wildlife management areas (WMA), while dragging all their duck hunting decoys, marsh stools, guns, bags, camera gear, etc. they decided to build a more efficient but simple system. The Quack-Attack BackPack Was Born!

What you’ll need to build your own:
Mark’s version
2x Milk crates (
2x Stainless steel hinges (
2x Stainless steel door latches (
1x Summit Back pack straps (

2x Hinges made of rubber. (Old bike tire)
1x Small stainless steel cleat.
or similar.
1x Back pack straps.
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  1. These work great for Ice fishing as well I actually use an old plastic trash bin (13) gallon that I fixed straps to w washers on the inside to help not pull through. Drill holes where you want and run paracord to make loops for tying to. It’ll hold the weight have had all my coyote traps and 2 yotes in it!

  2. this works really well I have been doing this since easily 2000's…I just zip tied mine together on one side to serve as a hinge and a bungie on opposite side to hold shut. Also, I put both bottoms out to have more storage.

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