Do Blind People Understand Vision?

Tommy Edison, who was born blind, talks about his understanding of vision, what impresses him about sight, and one fear that’s motivated by blindness.

Directed/Edited by Ben Churchill



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  1. This is the way I try to explain my idea of ghosts or angels or demons or gods or aliens or whatever you want to call them. But maybe there are things in the universe that are all around us, passing us by casually and we don't have the right senses to even know it's there.

  2. There are fish that can detect magnetism. And I think birds can do that too. I think sight is what detecting magnetism is for any human. We know there's a sense that can detect it, we even have some ways of measuring it. But we have no idea how it must feel to a fish.

  3. I'm probably not qualified to suggest "better ways" to explain something to a blind person, but I always think it's good to appeal to the senses they already have and know and use them to explain senses they don't know. Just replace vision with sound.

    So think of vision in the context of sound – it's almost like every object is constantly emitting very distinct noise that we can "hear" (see) and immediately know what it is. This sound also lets us know how far away those objects are relative to us OR other objects we "hear" – you actually have SOME version of depth perception through sound as well, for example, if you stand right up to a wall where you are nearly but not quite touching it with your nose and then just say "ahhhh" loudly, you will HEAR a difference, you will HEAR that there is a wall in front of you because you can hear how it's deflecting your "ahhh" back, and if you back away, the sound will change and you will know that there isn't a wall right in your face. Depth perception to sighted people is the same concept except it works at FAR distances.

  4. I have ADHD which can also cause objects that you see every day to kinda blend into the background. You have no idea how many times I couldn't find something that was right in front of men because my brain automatically filtered out that item as unimportant. If i'm doing a task and i put an object somewhere, no less than a minute later i'll be looking for where i put the item because my brain completely erased the memory.

  5. Well there's a good video… have a well-drawn, but simple, item (not those people who hundreds of random wispy lines outside the main outline of a cloud and call it part of the cloud, for example), that looks exactly like the real object. Have all the lines raised, and then see if Tommy can tell what the drawing is.

  6. That is a pretty neat looking reel to reel tape recorder behind you in this video. Do you use it? Are you able to load a tape & play it on your own, or does someone put a tape on for you. I have about 5 reel to reel tape recorders. Most are for multitrack recording. Thanks for the video.

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