Do-It-Yourself Elevated Ground Blind Platform In this week’s segment Dennis and David Ganc go over a do it yourself project to help elevate your ground blind this season and make the experience more comfortable for you, your kids and everyone.

Here’s how we built it:

This was a very simple design that we made. So here are the materials we used and dimensions of everything. For the Floor frame and joists we used 2 x 6 lumber. The frame was designed to set our Muddy Ravage ground blind on it so the base of that blind was 72 inches so we made the platform frame, outside to outside dimensions at 80 inches to leave some room. Then we took 6 additional 2 x 6 pieces of lumber and cut them for length for the floor joists going across the inside of the frame. The legs of the platform were 4×4 pressure treated lumber and we cut those at 24 inches each and ran the tops of each leg flush with the top of the floor framing (depending on how high you want to be elevated will determine the length of each post). We used 2 sheets of 3/4 inch plywood for the base of the floor. Then we took 2×6 lumber and cut them for corner supports of each corner as you can see in the video for extra support. And finally we took four preformed stone based specific for a 4×4 post to sit that you would used for a deck or porch and placed them underneath each post for a solid based and leveling in the woods. We also picked up a simple green pool and/or outdoor camping carpet from Lowe’s and stapled that to the floor of the platform to quiet the floor when inside the blind with gear. The final things we did was purchase some eye bolts that we screwed in to the sides of the platform frame that we could tie down the blind with the tie ropes and for each corner loop that you would normally put a stake through into the ground we screwed four lag hooks into each corner so the blind corner loop could attach to those and we made sure it was center on the platform. We were able to picke up the 2×6 lumber at no cost from a local industrial plant that was getting rid of lumber that was used for shipping equipment. As far as everything else we probably spent about $100 total for all the materials. Hope this helps and if you build your own, share a photo with us.

What do you think?

Written by HuntingBP

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  1. After four years of use. Is the same blind that was setup on this elevated surface still in working condition? Thanks want to do something on this design but want it to last from winds mainly.

  2. You didn't really show shit…. did I blink and miss it? Our platforms are usually 58in by 58in. 12ft 4×4 legs concreted 2ft in the ground makes for 10ft to floor of groundblind. Blind slips snuggly over edges of platform for secure hold; plus additional bindings. carpet & padding, simple 2×4 shooting rails at windows; a  24in by 58in porch or landing (24in below floor level) makes for a safe & convenient entrance.  jus sayin… Louisiana!

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