Do It Yourself Elevated Platform: Use Elevators to build deer blinds, swing sets, decks, and more.

Save time with the Elevators E1088 4 x 4 compound angle elevator brackets. Elevator brackets are built in the USA, with over 30% more premium steel than any competitor making them longer and stronger. Elevators are designed for the elements and can withstand high winds and frigid temperatures that others cannot. Each 4×4 inserts 5.75” to ensure maximum safety and sturdiness. Elevators use heavy-duty 12-gauge steel with robotically-welded joints, making them strong enough for the next do-it-yourself playhouse, swing set platform, deer blind, or free-standing deck. Elevators are designed with an 8° angle that is scientifically proven to be the optimum angle for vertical load and preventing side-to-side sway. On your next project, use the original and best brackets, Elevators, always made in the USA.

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