Dovetail Jig Setup / Half-Blind Dovetail Jig

Dovetails are traditionally associated with quality furniture and woodworking, but not everyone has the time to learn and practice hand cutting dovetails and for this, there are a number of commercial dovetail jigs available. This video is to help those who are using these jigs to understand how they work and how best to set them up. Note, the jig shown here is NOT for “thru dovetails” it is designed for Half Blind Dovetails.

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  1. Wow 9 years ago. I got my dovetail jig last year and havent used it yet. You made it looks easy. I just want to ask if i can use any power capacity of plunge router for this jig.

  2. I know this is a really old video but it was very helpful. My grandfather had so many woodworking tools but we were never able to learn together. Included was an old sears craftsman version of this jig. Going to try this out soon!

  3. Recently was given a Craftsman jig by a friend with no manual. Your video clarified a lot of things. Now if you could show how to make through dovetails useful for box joints that would be fantastic. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  4. Hi Colin – thanks for a great video! Can you say any more about how such a jig can be used to cut through dovetails? Like you I bought my jig (an old ELU one that looks just like the one in the video) only to find it can't do through dovetails straight out the box.

  5. I have a similar Craftsman Dovetail Template jig that I use about once every two years – just enough time to completely forget how it's done. This video is tremendously instructive for setup and use of the template. Watching the video has saved me hours of frustration, and many discarded drawer sides. Thank you Colin!

  6. This video, is without a doubt, the most comprehensive instructions I've ever heard on the use of Dovetail jigs. I would love to have had someone explain their use to me 40 years ago, the way you just explained to the world. Thank you.

  7. Well Colin considering the difficult subject of today’s video. I say you did well. Every video I have seen on ANY of these types of jigs have all been very confusing. Which makes me think that these jigs are a pain to use , or at the very least, difficult to get set up correctly.
    I have been thinking of purchasing one of these for every now and then projects. I’m wondering, in your opinion, is a guy better off either. Buying a higher end one that comes complete with everything you need and not have to go out and buy this attachment and that attachment for the cheaper version. ( which in the long run probably costs as much as a good PoterCable jig) OR just do it the old fashion way with a pull say and a hammer and chisel. OR use your router and make your own jig ( that only possible if you are a skilled wood worker)? So what advice would you give me as a newbie to wood working . Thanks for all your time and effort pounding out these great instructional videos.👍

  8. I received one of these types of jigs from a purchase i made and the gentleman threw them in the deal last minute. I haven't had a manual or anything to figure them out. this is super helpful.

  9. brilliant colin as always, just one small suggestion, if each outward face had a coloured referance (tape maybe) and each joint was colour referanced, I think the understanding of your video would be idiot proof, I should know, I'm that idiot lol, keep posting Colin and once again, a big thanks. from Garry from the UK

  10. Thank you for posting this. I'm about to buy a used one and it's great to see how to use it, you have given me confidence. I'd like to see the through dovetail template, and also how to make box comb joints.

  11. Hi! Thanks so much for the tutorial! I just bought a simple jig from Lee Valley but I can't figure out how to make through dovetails. Do you know anywhere I can find a similar video on that with a jig like this? Thanks again!!

  12. Thanks.  Getting back to woodworking and was trying to remember about the commercial jig I purchased a long time ago.  Also, liked your later video on box joints. First rate.

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