Dream Timber Hole Duck Blind Build Part 2! Snake Swamp Series Part 4

Dream Timber Hole Duck Blind Build Part 2! Snake Swamp Series Part 4

In the next installment of the Snake Swamp series, we continue the blind build. Moving the duck hunting blind into position was only a small part of the work we had to do! It’s coming along slow but we’ll have it ready to go before duck season and that’s really what matters! We can’t wait to get after the ducks was season rolls in!

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  1. 2 for sure but would not worry about it until you see where or if the birds work that hole. Also alot of times its about seeing the birds soon enough to get on them with the calls, because there is always a point of no return as they travel.

  2. Looks like you have a lot of duck weed. Where I hunt, we fight duck weed a LOT. It takes over and it's like the decoys are stuck in cement. Do you guys do well where there is a lot of it?

  3. Cover the whole thing in camo tarp its cheep and rain proof than put your branch cover over it I would go with options 2 better shooting position and would allow for a better decoy set up

  4. We brush floating blinds every season. You much better off laying the plywood on top of the 2×4 that way it sheds water out and doesn't pond water on the roof. Take screws and leave them up approx 1/2" and run tie wire between the screws and leave slack in the tie wire and you shove your brush under the wire. Works great.

  5. My favorite videos of yours is that old blind on punk land you hunted with your dad. The one you killed the goose while cooking eggs in. I think it got tore down by a jerk.

  6. I would have thought in winter prevailing wind would be northwest. I personally like option 2 the best it would be a crossing shot and may catch traffic working outside the hole.

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