Duck Dynasty: Lake Boss – Full Episode (Season 6, Episode 9) | Duck Dynasty

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Stumped on a way to celebrate Willie’s birthday, Korie enlists the guys’ help in Season 6, Episode 9, Lake Boss (#70). #DuckDynasty
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“Duck Dynasty” profiles the close-knit clan behind a multi-million dollar sporting empire. The Robertsons face everything from beavers to business deals in their own special way—with a twist of downhome practicality and a sharp sense of humor.

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  1. The raccoon was pretty tame to be wild. Especially being caged. Neighborhood pet maybe. Took me two weeks before a raccoon would trust me enough to eat out of my hand in the wild.. I grew up in the outdoors. 363 square miles of fields, forests, ponds, lakes, and streams as my back yard. Bear, deer, and wolves. Nature isn't so wild, compared to mankind. Got something in common with Phil though. I can't stand the government, or politics. Just parisites that take credit for your blood, sweat, tears, ideas, innovations, and reap the rewards.

  2. 39:33
    Si: But with Willie, I'm afraid he's fixing to fall. Look, if he falls, he's going take us all out. I'm talking about, hey— Pffft. We gone.

    Funniest bit in the entire episode 🤣🤣🤣

  3. No sir you are not going to be able to pull it off at all because of course that is just about impossible at all And thats The Truth of The matter of fact And thats all that i AM going to be saying to you guys about that And thats The Truth of The matter of fact.!'

  4. I huffed gas so hard once when I was 20 and thought the riding mower started up I jumped on that thang trying to shut it off and I looked crazy outta my head off my rockers… 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
    💕 💘 ❤ 🍷 luv n light from Kentucky

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