Duck Dynasty: Where is Willie Robertson TODAY!!

Duck Dynasty: Where is Willie Robertson TODAY!!

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  1. You will definitely be in my prayers and I will just say that for me the Robertson family has been an unmeasurable influence of my faith and for that reason I know I can pray for you and your soul ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

  2. So, under the video there's those 3 dots on the right, click on it, then click on the report flag, select the "Misinformation" radial, then click next below, then put in "Clickbait Thumbnail" in the details, then hit the report button below. Lets see how many of those it takes to stop this trash wasting our time….

  3. His father is the wisest one in that family why you making videos talking about stuff you don't own nothing about. leave that family alone they're good solid Americans. are you?

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