Duck Hunting 2019 – Can't Stop The Swat

We’d been eagerly awaiting a chance to hunt out of the duck blind we built this offseason and finally got the chance on the third day of our Virginia early duck season. I threw an early wrench in our plans by oversleeping but we hustled and made it into the blind just before shooting time. The shooting conditions were tough but we did our best with the water swats we got and were able to bag a few wood ducks. Definitely some things to learn from on this hunt but that’s what comes with the territory. Hope y’all enjoy!

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Love all your videos! But lately you and the rest of the fly boys have been water swatting birds 🙁 kind of disappointing too see what you guys have came to just to get content. But still love the vids keep up the work❤️

  2. As always, awesome hunt. Water swatting or not there's food to be had. I say though that the best part has to be hunting and shooting birds out of the creation you build.
    Thanks as always and keep em coming

  3. Thanks for the video of you and your buddies hunting out of the blind built earlier this fall. Woodies and G/W Teal are notorious early flyers. I feel your pain in shooting at birds flying into what I call the "black line".
    No wind and no decoy motion makes it tough to put them in the pocket. On the water swatting,we all know you leave one live duck sitting just outside the X and all the dekes and motion won't prevent the next arriving ducks trying to land next to the live one (ones).
    Keep the videos coming Thomas.

  4. I personally dont think there is an issue with water swatting the ducks. Some old timers might disagree but i dont see an issue. Awsome video man. I cant wait for sat NY season open. Do you have a fb page id share photos if you like.

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