Duck Hunting-Boat Blind Build

Duck Boat Blind

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Better to bend the 90s as the connectors are not strong enough and crack. I use 3/4” conduit then at all joints sleeve 12” piece of 1” conduit over the joint and through bolt it. I can lean on mine no problem. Looks good though. I used rancho safari gillie boat blind material and a little raffia.

  2. I've watched your video probably 10 times! Lol between yours and a couple of others, I think I have an idea for the perfect blind… it's gonna require welding, and quite a bit of work, but think it's gonna be something spectacular. I'm gonna make it my first ever video, and definitely gonna be shouting you out! Thanks for the awesome videos! Could you please link the mold and mildew camo netting and "grass" please? How's that Plastic grass hold paint?

  3. Hey man. Enjoying the channel. What did you use to weigh down the bottom edge of the tarps? I assume you just cut small holes to run he zip ties in and around the frame rails?

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