Duck Hunting Rivers, Lakes, and Ponds

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Duck hunting often takes place on water sources. Different water sources determine you strategies for calling and decoying ducks into your decoy spread. Layout boat duck hunting is popular on large lakes such as lake Erie while large spreads of full body and floater ducks and geese are the way to go while hunting on rivers. For smaller bodies of water such as ponds and flooded food sources, a mixed species spread that looks natural is a great way to lure in both ducks and geese. This week, our duck hunting video takes an in-depth look at how to hunt these water sources.

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  1. I have a 40 acre wooded area and then kind of sort of in the Middle there's 15foot wide pond and 10 feet tall and there's just sand around it do you think that's a good spot for duck hunting and it's in wi.

  2. Thanks! Depends on where you're hunting. Our river and pond lines are 5 foot max. When we hunted Lake Erie, I think their long line anchors weren't much more than 10 feet since we were hunting in the bay.

  3. What part of Missouri are you going to be in? We have several places to hunt both public and private, might could pull out a hunt or two if your schedule allows. It's always nice to meet more "birds of the same feather" no pun intended. Thanks, be safe!

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