EA-18G GROWLER: Enemy will be Confused and Blind

The EA-18G Growler is built around the successful and combat-proven F/A-18 series of aircraft, which have served as the U.S. Navy’s primary carrier-based multi-role fighters for many years. This makes the EA-18G Growler significantly faster and more maneuverable than previous electronic attack aircraft, which had been based more on transport aircraft designs.

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  1. The Tomcat because of its size carries jammers to blind enemy radars. They dont need a specially built aircraft for the task. The Tomcats a real multi-role combat aircraft. Yet they still have it retired even without a better replacement, and the superbug doesnt come close

  2. Who's the enemy. Why do we need a navy. Why do we need an enemy. Children are starving all over the world. Fee the children first scrap all the means for war it only creates war.

  3. So to make the story short an F22 is trying to hide its butt from radar while this one is literally bringing the fight into the doorstep’s of the radar.

  4. Hey top fan here blonde US Military Very Manly Very Charming Very Handsome Very Disciplined Very Respectful Coolest Uniform ever Mightiest Defense Always ready to roll Rockstar & Overachiever. wish my winter snowy sunshine hunny just like knight in shining armor husky squad ❄️👩‍🍳🍞

  5. Is this what my tax dollars go to? Looks outdated to what the Russians have. I guess when you pick on smaller countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria, it looks impressive. But seems like a waste of money. Wouldn't education and improving the healthcare of average Americans be a better use of money?

  6. I got a question certain planes when you eject out of do you have to do a count so the top pops off or do you do it simotaneously?I've ejected be for in different planes and they've even got stuck and crashed…

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