Easy DIY Ground Blind for Deer & Turkey Hunting

Written step-by-step explanation of this ground blind:


路 4 – 2x6x8′ pressure-treated lumber
路 5 – 2x4x8′ pressure-treated lumber
路 2 – 4×16′ cattle panels
路 1 – box 3-inch deck screws
路 1 – box 1-inch fence staples
路 1 – box staples for staple gun
路 1 – bag of large, black zip ties
路 1 – large roll of black plastic sheeting
路 2 – Mossy Oak camo tarps

路 Circular saw
路 Cordless drill
路 Staple gun
路 Bolt cutters or heavy-duty wire cutters
路 Carpenter square
路 Hammer
路 Tape Measure
路 Sharp knife

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Good video, only thing I wish you included and discussed was how you made the door to enter. What steps did you do to ensure that light didn't creep in coming from door behind you?

  2. I think all the plastic flapping around 馃 on most days the wind conditions would spook normal deer. But if you put branches on and around it plus hot glue some cereal cardboard small squares to some cheap black yarn and to the backside of the pieces 馃構 of yarn and pull the loose flaps together and hot glue it to that annoying mossy oak floppy plastic you got there then it could very well stop the deer from spooking those 馃 that see movement that spook em and thats why you get bigger bucks from hanging up out their on the edges cuz all that movement of loose material flapping all around is spooking em so you never see those deer. Goodluck with that.
    I think it would be better if you was to save up some coin and get a real nice big one from the sportsman guide .com. they always have something on clearance 馃檮 so you can't loose and you don't have to get a hernia carrying that pile of wood and hog wire stapled monstrosity around. Plus the deer are way more less likely to see anything flapping around that spook em flat out. That's why your more apt to get like all the small deer cuz they hungry and less finicky and come out early to eat your bait piles on that there fenced farms ya all hunts. Good luck man. Either way you still get out and experiment bit wasting good money for 馃憥 bad. Or better yet a pro sewn top notch genuine clearance proved big buck killer ninja deer blind from the sportsmans guide and start winning rifles cuz your buck didn't get spooked and hung back till after legal shooting time.

  3. Thank you for sharing your design and video, this is exactly what I have been looking for as a project while sitting out this China virus business for the next two or three weeks. You skipped over pretty quickly what you did for a door at the other end. Can you leave a comment describing how you handled that? I am going to cut out a few gun ports on either side of mine. Because I live in NE Oklahoma cattle country where hay fields and round hay bales dominate the landscape, I'll wrap it in a hay matt instead of Mossy Oak however.

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