EC-130H Compass Call: Enemy will be Blind and Deaf

The EC-130H Compass Call is an airborne tactical weapon system using a heavily modified version of the C-130 Hercules airframe. The system disrupts enemy command and control communications and limits adversary coordination essential for enemy force management.

The Compass Call system employs offensive counter-information and electronic attack capabilities in support of US and Coalition tactical air, surface, and special operations forces and the Enemies will be Blind and Deaf.

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  4. Reminds me of the "Gray Ghost" c-130e that Air America used during Vietnam…unpainted aircraft skin, all parts on the aircraft with it's true tail number were removed and reduced to the number 405..don't know exactly what they were doing when they landed, but they carried their own ground crew, we just parked the refueling trucks and bomb loaders and waited until they were done.

  5. Having served as a maintainer of "EC-130_". Having had vis to class of aircraft maint. docs across all services. I say to ALL, wiithout reservation, apology or so much as "by your leave", and BOLDLY… Herc maintainers of any variants are THE BEST of ALL services. Long live the Herc. Hail the Herc Maintainers across 60+ years of service.

  6. We used them in Iraq codenamed “stoplight”. They would block all communications from the enemy including Icoms and cell phones when we’d do raids and HVT targets. Our encrypted comms weren’t targeted, thus still worked as intended.

  7. I was assigned to the 41st ECS at DM in Tucson 80-83, airframe did things unexpected, we were at red flag and two birds shut down all communications including LV, back then was a pretty cool mission

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