EDI IS LIKE HOT?! Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition Blind Gameplay – Part 5


Edi is like hot now!?

Help the animals of Greece:

Hi guys! Today I’m playing the Mass Effect Trilogy for the very first time ever! So completely blind! I’ve got no idea what to expect or what we’re dealing with. All I know is: that we’re in space.

About Mass Effect Legendary Edition:

The Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition includes single-player base content and over 40 DLC from the highly acclaimed Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3 games, including promo weapons, armors, and packs – remastered and optimized for 4K Ultra HD.

Let me know if you enjoyed this blind Mass Effect Legendary gameplay/let’s play! I’ll be making a playlist for more parts if you guys enjoy the video. Please leave a like and subscribe if you do!



Toss a coin to your witcher.



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  1. Remember to talk people multipel times om the citadel, to get all the back story and Lore. One to name, the asari in the memorryal hospital. Listen to her story, and remember what joker told about his sister. You might figure it out.

  2. Hello Kim, Love your reactions to the game. Felt very much the same when I did my first playthrough. You should do Grissom next. There is some very cool guns there. Then go to the citadel.

  3. Kim: You remember how important ship upgrades were in ME2 (to spare lives)? "War assets" are going to be just as important in this game, if not even more-so, as ship upgrades were in the last; perhaps even more important than you may realize. You'll thank me later.

  4. As some other commentors suggested, Eden Prime should be done ASAP, it is a hugely important story, with lots of lore, a new weapon and something extra that can be used throughout the rest of the game. NO SPOILERS, but you will seriously regret not doing it early.

  5. Something to keep in mind Kim is that Shepard is gathering an alliance specifically to take back Earth. It makes perfect sense for the other races to be apprehensive or out right deny Shepard help when they’re also being attacked.

  6. James only gets hate because 1.He is a human squadmate, 2. He is not a biotic, 3. He was introduced in this game, so people at first didn't like it because of that, saying that he was boring and that he was only in the game to explain everything to new players, besides they have the argument that instead of him we could have a me2 squadmate. Tbh he is one of my favorites, obviously he's not in my top five but I really like James he's a really fun guy and Jason good person besides if you really see his character arc he grows even if you don't spend as much time with him unlike with the other squadmates that were in the previous games anddd he even has a movie that expands his character and makes his actitud more understandable.

    EDI is also one of my favorites, I really have a soft spot for her she is just a really cute character and she is an AI and I love AIs lol

  7. I love James and find him very life-like and believable, if he were a krogan people would've loved him, but he's a human and I think he reminds people of someone they know and maybe don't like. The nickname thing is his peculiarity and we all love diversity don't we? I'm ok with the Lola nickname, it's cute and not disrespectful, James is actually in awe of Shepard but also wants to be friends with her. I've followed many blind pts since MELE showed up and the wounded egos for the nickname thing are a neat minority thank the Goddess. Love your playthrough, you are both emotionally involved and reflective.

  8. There are 4 DLC mission-chains in total, without spoiling stuff:

    Eden Prime mission is From Ashes DLC, should be done ASAP, it won't cause any side missions to expire.
    Meeting Dr Byson will start the Leviathan DLC, you can do this anytime but because you'll meet late game enemies, do this one in late game.
    Meeting Aria in Dock 42 starts the Omega DLC, you can do this anytime but you'll face new, fairly tough enemies, again do this one in late game.
    Finally, in future Anderson will send an email directing you to a new area in Citedal. This is the Citedal DLC and you should only do this right before the end game for best experience. The "point of no return" moment should be fairly obvious.

  9. James just comes across as a meathead to me, and one of the many men I encountered as a young man, and just couldn't connect with. He just cares about fighting, and either being tough or just acting tough. Either way, the type to bully nerdy kids like me. And now that I'm an adult, both just seem kinda pathetic. Pretty much every other person on the ship has a more interesting mind than he does. He also doesn't bother learning people's proper names, which just further adds to the meathead-impression, and there's no polite way to say "please don't". I realize it's probably for voiceover reasons, but it kinda irks me. The nicknames are also a bit uncomfortable. Femshep he names Lola, after a hot woman he knew. Maleshep he names Loco, because… why?

    He just doesn't speak to any aspect of me.

  10. 55:29 With the exception of the Priority: Eden Prime mission (which is actually a DLC that should be done immediately) if you see the word Priority in front of a mission this automatically means "do it last if nothing else is left to do".
    Exception to this norm are the other three big story DLCs – Omega can be done whenever you feel like it, Leviathan should be delayed until after a certain side mission in mid-game (the DLC unfortunately contains spoilers for that side mission) and the Citadel DLC should be done close to the end, directly before the Point of No Return. Fortunately all DLCs are easy to identify: Their respective starts open new docking areas at the Citadel. As long as you always use the normal docking bay at the Citadel you won't start a DLC by accident.

    The messages you got from Hackett and the second message from Aria are part of the DLCs btw.

    1:13:39 That's mostly people playing as FemShep who don't like that James makes a lot of flirty comments. It's actually the same reason why so many people hated on Jacob in ME2 – not because there was anything wrong with the character, it was more about the flirty way FemShep speaks whenever she speaks to Jacob.

    That said – Jacob was a bit boring; not nearly as much as Kaiden, but still one of the least interesting squad mates in ME2. James however is great.

  11. Oh honey no real life beau is gonna measure up to Garras. Seems others have already explained the expiration of side quests. Take a deep breath and relax a little. You'll get to them all.

  12. A lot of people complained how ME3 has a lot of non-interactable conversations compared to ME2, but I personally loved that aspect. All the convo stuff in ME2 felt very mechanical. Like you could count the exact steps to every convo progression and everyone just sort of sat around waiting for you to come along and push their story forward. I really enjoyed how in ME3 crew members are always chatting with each other, and even moving around the ship instead of just being stuck in place all the time. Makes the whole thing feel much more organic and alive.

    I can definitely agree with some other complaints(the removal of a lot of Shepard's agency has always been my biggest hang-up), but I genuinely think the way they handled the crew members on the Normandy is far better in 3 than 2.

  13. Priority missions are the main story missions. I always do all side missions and explore all other areas before going on the next story mission. It's the best way to not miss anything.

  14. You'll want to do Grissom Academy ASAP 😉
    Not only are there a couple of old friends there, but Grissom Academy is where you took David after Project Overlord in ME2. You definitely don't want Cerberus to get their hands on him again.
    All the DLC can wait if you want to focus on side missions first. Eden Prime will be available all the way up to the finale, and Kaiden would be interested in going after he gets out of the hospital. The Citadel DLC (Anderson's Apartment in the Citadel landing options) should be the last mission you do, even though you get access halfway through the game. Dr Bryson's Lab DLC is a series of separate missions telling one story, and they can be strung out throughout the game as stand-alone episodes if you want, or just plowed straight through as one 3-4 episode arc. You can complete it anytime, though it might make more sense story-wise to wait a little bit. Some people say it doesn't quite fit in the overall story of ME3, but that's what I say about Priority Eden Prime. 🤷

    By the way – looking forward to another episode of Stray! That should be a day at the beach compared to the emotional steamroller the next episode of ME3 will be. You know they made great characters when you're crying over a video game character's future.

  15. I've played through probably half of the romances, and seen the rest, and Traynor's is very well done considering how short a period of time you have to get to know her (as a player, I mean). It helps that both Jennifer Hale and Alex Wilton-Regan are very good actors, and it helps even more that Alex was raised by two moms. If you do a second playthrough as Femshep, it's one worth pursuing.

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