Ep #16 Deer blind build! 6×8 Shooting house

I finally get the time to install my shooting house that I have been building over the last several weeks. Subscribe for weekly videos and to continue to watch the progress of the shooting house and property. To see hunting videos, subscribe to our other channel

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  1. Awesome. Great videos. I built one in haste last season but need to revise a few things for this season. This gave me some ideas. Your house building was awesome. It also helped me a ton with my build. Thank you.
    What part of Florida are you in? I’m in Jasper, I have a small (but growing) pecan farm. Please check out my channel. It’s still small but also growing.

  2. You could put down a rubber horse stall mat instead of carpet. Easy to sweep out dirt, mud, or leaves. Less mildew etc. They can be found at Tractor Supply or Rual King etc. You can cut them w a utility knife if you need to custom cut them. They muffle noise pretty good too.

  3. Nice build! Great looking spot too. I live in Mississippi, a major hurricane and tornado state. I long ago gave up the idea of building storm proof shooting blinds. Not worth the effort or the cost. If a hurricane, tornado, or even just a straight line windstorm actually does hit your blind (or trees or limbs crash down on it), it will shatter it to pieces no matter how you build it. Hurricane Ida just hit one of my blinds that I used Simpson Strong Tie hurricane rated ties and fasteners. They held up fairly well, but overall Ida still damaged the blind pretty badly. So if you are going to have to rebuild the blind either way, there's no sense worrying about over building with the hope of avoiding storm damage. Just build it cheaply and if it gets destroyed, rebuild it the same way.

  4. That is a very nice set up. I’m new to your channel so I’m not sure if you featured the whole build but I’d love to see it. Or do you have the plans?
    Again that’s some fine work

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