Ep #31 Deer blind improvements, plot updates and more!

A jammed packed episode with several improvements to the deer blind as well as food plot updates and new deer sign around the property!

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What do you think?

Written by HuntingBP

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  1. man this pretty cool i just got done with mine and now just looking more ideas how to do things lol you have a new SUB right here!!!!! great job!!!!

  2. Awesome job on that shooting bench! Pretty clever that it can fold away too. I plan on incorporating this idea on my current deer blind, which has a fixed table. By the way, what state do you live in?

  3. How about putting a shooting tarp around the base of the shed so that the legs and steps are covered when looking from the front towards the back of the steps? Or, maybe putting branches on the front side from the bottom edge down to the ground to break up the image of the legs and steps?

  4. Nice project Bigun! I dig it!!! Question, what are the angles that you cut for your stairs? Top where it mounts to the blind and the bottom that sits on yer stepping stones? I struggle with angles!!! I aint building no piano…….. but id like it to fit good and flush. Thanks for yer time and good luck this coming season………… its right around the corner!!!!

  5. love what your doing but CLAMPS man CLAMPS! LOL a single wood clamp with the squeeze type handle would have made your life much easier for holding while putting hinges on. 🙂

  6. Great looking blind. I'm trying to plan my own at the moment. I appreciate you taking the time to post these videos.

    What is the height of your windows from the floor? Thanx!

  7. You have an ingenious mind…project that in your videos by improving your English…there is nothing that makes us Southerners look more stupid than speaking poorly…good ideas in planning and building your blind ( very smart stairs design )

  8. Great video bud! Yeah got a buck that’s tearing up some of my young pine trees! This severe cold we’ve had has really damaged my plots. Man your very good with wood. My carpenter skills are basic AT BEST! Lol. 😂 I’ve also subscribed to this channel. See ya on the next one.

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