Ep: 53; Love is BLIND Season 2; Iyanna Jones; Divorce, regrets & Moving Forward

Iyanna Jones; Reality star sensation from LOVE IS BLIND season 2, we all loved her for a reason! In this episode, Iyanna opens up about her newly announced divorce, her thoughts on the reunion, her past and how she is moving forward.

She is just as beautiful on the inside as she is the outside, I cannot wait for you all to hear this episode!

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  1. I love Iyana she deserves better am proud of her she chose herself life is too short to live unfulfilled life with a partner who doesn't give what you need yet you are a full package babe and next time if a man doesn't choose him first never allow to be second if should be either number one or nothing at all babe.

  2. Great interview…I feel like I'm talking with my girls… all we can do is continue working on ourselves from the inside out and our time will come…patience. ❤

  3. Firstly that one piece of hair that’s hanging down almost in her eye is driving me nuts. I was rooting for her and Jarrett to make it but am not really surprised that they didn’t. But I wish her luck in the future. I have been single since I was 27 with twin boys 2 years old. I only miss companionship of being with a man. Been single 31 years so far and probably will be rest of life and that’s fine.

  4. Favourite woman on the show. I really wanted her to wish for more than Jarrette. At the time she gave it a chance and she has shown the courage to break away from a toxic situation. Keep shining bright queen.

  5. Jarrett was NOT ready for marriage. He came across like he had to win a bride instead of meet his bride. He is not truthful to himself. He did not come across as a black man desiring a beautiful woman of kind.

  6. Do not settle. Hold to your standards. Hold to your truth in Christ Jesus. I felt like a failure. Yet when I look at the sides of did I give my best efforts, did I give him a chance, was I being protected by a man? The final score was I did the right thing for both of us by leaving the task of marriage to that Mr alone. Allowing both to be happy and at peace. Marriage is not a moment it is a journey. Not all are ready to travel together.

  7. Ladies, please know there are a lot of good men still out here. I promise you. If you're not happy with the results you've got in relationships it's okay. Don't give up on the search. True to your podcast title, I empathize with both of you and your stories.

  8. As a married person, and understanding the struggles of marriage, I am so happy for Iyanna! There is NO WAY she should stay in a marriage that she's not getting what she needs! It's much better to be by yourself than to suffer with someone, and if he's not going to step up, than damnit, save yourself!!

  9. I really liked them as a couple but he just wasnt ready for marriage and after the last episode, i felt like she was disgusted by him but he better not start dating malory now😅

  10. The most ridiculous part of this series was Iyanna telling us she was "adopted" at 18 years old (which is not legally possible fyi) and having a stepmother who is only 5 years older than her and looks her age 🙄 … and her calling them Mommie and Daddy.

  11. Can’t help but love Iyanna and she looks like her adopted father. I wouldn’t have never knew she was adopted by two wonderful parents. She has such a beautiful and pure spirit, that I know she will find her Righteous soulmate. You are so beautiful. May you be blessed in every step you take.. stay beautiful inside/out❤

  12. a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul who deserves only the absolute best. In due time, God will provide you with your perfect match. I am sad to see things end however I wish only the best for the both of you and Jarred.

  13. I'm so glad she "womaned up". For him to say he's working on it is bullshit. She gave him too much time and space to come around. He is an immature man who isn't ready to put his lady first, so glad she is divorcing him

  14. I understand why she was second choice. Mallory like to drink and party with friends . Iyanna did not like that, she would rather be a home" iyanna doesn't drink as much and not much of a socialite. Jarrett is a socialite and likes to party. Then when they got engaged, they had so many differences. She knew what he was and she still wanted to marry him. Like what????
    Then you think it was okay to have inlaws yo bash your husband in public that's wrong asf because they only see your side of the story. What ever problems you have in the house stay in the house. I understand that's her mom and all but sometimes you keep your marriage stuff to yourself. Boundaries!
    They were the complete opposite of eachother and they tried to work it out and look it didn't go well. Well that's what happens when you ignore the differences especially big ones and think everything will go your way. Nope

  15. Iyanna is so incredible. She is the only one who stayed so consistent and genuine throughout the season, she is like Lauren and Cameron combined lolol I hope she gets everything she’s desiring

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