Epic ChristmasTree Deer Blind TGO

This is a tactic that I am getting set up for deer season, I believe it may work!

What do you think?

Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Get a few more and put them in a semi circle so you have shooting lanes for at least 270 degrees. Set it up on the corner of a field or an open area and chum all around with corn  and deer feed as often and as long as you can. That's your problem Tex, you don't fully exploit your ideas to their fullest effect. Simply erecting a few x-mas trees isn't going to do much without some extra advantages.

  2. freaking awesome beats cutting brush let me tell you. my brush blind was wrecked in the wind. so i have a lot of repairs to do for next season. plus all the pine needles and cedar boughs are dead already.

  3. Pretty creative setup. Since you have time before this season, try to figure out a way to access the blind without walking across that deer trail. Deer will pick up your ground scent long after you are there when they come through at night, and they will remember where they encountered human scent. If you can access your blind without walking across or through where the deer will you will see more deer. I learned that through experience, and it has made a difference.

  4. Just a thought Tex. That hat you wear looks great downtown, but out in the wild, your slightest head movement can be seen by a deer from a long way off and that hat moves bigtime. Personally I would choose a cammo beanie which would provide little shape movement . Try it next season and I bet you do a lot better.

  5. Camo netting would have been a better option. cut a slot in it and you have a shooting lane. Remember to block the background so they cant see any light from behind the blind.

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