Fallout 4 | Blind Playthough Part 7 – Diamond City!

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. You need to use your drugs more. Jet, Psycho, Psycho Jet, Ultra Jet…are some of my favs. It's true you can get addicted, but, you can also pay the doc in diamond city to treat you for any addictions and if you bump up your chemistry skill you can make your own meds and drugs. There's also a perk where if you upgrade it you can have 0 chance at becoming addicted.

  2. I didn't actually realise Diamond City was an old baseball stadium, until I went up on the lift to the Mayor's Office (UK based here btw)- such good presentation from Bethesda like you say!

  3. Great content love it Ive been Bing watching this over the last three days. Haven't been able to catch you live in awhile but I love the videos and the diversity of your channel. I only watch for your commentary could care less about the games you play.

  4. love the series, please finish the game 🙂
    few tips:
    -when in vats, try disabling the limbs. hands decrease accuracy, legs slow them down. you might even shoot them off, if damaged enough. agility increases the amount of vats shot so something to consider.
    -in vats, check the CRIT meter. you also hear a beep when CRIT is ready. if i remember correctly, it's a 100% hit when triggered so you can aim at the head with 0% and (if visible) you'll hit
    -using vats as a threat detector. when you press vats, you'll automatically get into them, aimed at the enemy that vats detected. you might not see them, but vats detects them. disregard if you consider it cheating 🙂
    -make a marksman/long range rifle out of the hunting rifle you looted in previous episode. it's a great rifle.
    -collect the fans. fans are great (you should know it, as a youtuber 😀 ), they contain screws, which are very useful for gun upgrades.

  5. Strength, max health level
    Perception, better chance to hit in vats
    Endurance, more ap points
    Charisma, chat and bartering buffs
    Intelligence, more XP earned
    Agility, move faster? (ninja perk*)
    Luck, faster vats to crit ratio

  6. A few more things:
    – you can drink from waterpumps, which heals you up without giving you rads
    – maybe get more familiar with your Pip-Boy. E.g. if you press the right key under "Quests" it automatically shows you on the map where you have to go, also you can inspect a 3d-model of all your items, may it be junk, armor, whatever, and can see what building materials they will give you, too. The keys are always explained on the bottom of the screen
    – if you cook stuff, e.g. meat of any kind, you get rid of the radiation, heal for the same amount of HP the original meat does (well, exept for the radroach, but they lose 33 rads) and often get extra effects. Some of the more elaborate recipes might not be worth the trouble, but simple recipes like Grilled Radroach, Mutt Chops or, even better, Mutant Hound Chops certainly are
    – if you level up you completely heal up. You couldn't realize this because you were standing right in front of that turret while you did your level-up
    – don't ignore so many toy cars, desk fans, telephones, oil canisters and TV dinner trays, just saying. Find out why in your Pip-Boy.
    I'm really looking forward to more of your videos. I just hope you go deposit most of the stuff you are carrying right now, you will need the storage capacity

  7. Tip of advice. I'm pretty sure that you have a crap ton of 10 mm rounds but you never use them. The 10mm pistol is a good weapon if you mod it slightly. Higher damage and what not.

  8. Hey, I'm not sure if you know, but in VATS there are criticals. At 28:07 when the bar is full next to "CRIT" you can press "space" key after you accept, but before you shoot and it's 100% hit chance with more damage hitting targets in VATS fills up the CRIT meter a certain amount based on Luck level.

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