Free Blind Readings & Questions 鉁煓忦煆解湪$10 per question, $25 for general reading 馃槑 Let鈥檚 do This !!!

Blind Personal Readings: These are FREE readings where questions are pulled from my deck of questions based on YOUR energy.
General Readings: $25.00
One question: $10.00
All payments accepted through the superchat or PayPal at
To send a gift or donation please send to cash app at$TheTimeOracle

Catch me every Saturday @ 10:00 pm eastern time

Entertainment Purposes Only.

Bring Good Vibes 馃槑 鉁

Mina Means 馃暟
The Time Oracle 12:34

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  1. Can I ask for a free reading I鈥檓 really struggling my boyfriend passed away a few months ago from Covid and I was with him when he passed but we wasn鈥檛 getting along my intuition was feeling like he cheated on my and I鈥檓 so sick from not mowing the truth if you can help me I鈥檓 disabled and I need to move on please from the bottom of your heart if you can help and I鈥檉 I can figure out how to do the Venmo I will send you money

  2. Queen Pretti
    God Morning
    Hope to Hear your Message Today or Soon…馃槆
    Have a very Beautiful Bless Day!

  3. Even after the fact I never tell my business. You give others the blueprint to possibly destroy your dreams your very foundation itself!
    I will NEVER give up my dreams aspirations and morals only to become some ungrateful undeserving persons footstool! I'd rather remain alone in my alone ness rather than compromise everything I am to coexists with some karmic!

  4. We both Gemini both and he know what he wants I'm single still don't give no ducks hey you married into behind my back I'm just trying to get past y'all messy messy girl leave me the hell alone and I'm my son mom and he doesn't need another his dad huhn your problem no good luck

  5. Linda's know what they been doing out here friend or not family or not cousin or not pregnant or no yes today is the day my son was in the hospital and head into something not good but hae truth messy messy girl tarot can't save people that lie and cheat to get a man not yours or my man on my profile lied

  6. Hae I might be able to catch you later on up to date lookup Memphis Tennessee Witches I'm back still one馃檴 can't stop no show speak truth yes I'm that Queen with the sword

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