Future of the Fortress – January 2023 – Adventure Mode


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Future of the Fortress – December 2022 – Adventure Mode

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. People talk about the hell bird, but… I haven't heard it. At all. Is there a certain biome it's in? I have absolutely no experience with the bird because that audio file never gets played.

  2. The quote boxes are kinda small, have to FS to see without straining my eyes and even then its a bit tight. Maybe I'm getting old but it just looks a little out of proportion with a YT viewport.

  3. I finally got this All in. It really slimmed down from the hour plus recording. 💪😎

    I think I watched half dozen plus other videos of yours while coming back to this and listening to this one a few a few mins at a time. One of the comments inspired me to fire up the game once too. Hitting pause on the video to give my inspiration 110% focus.

  4. Simple solution for solo fort: If you are playing a solo character and running a fort you can have them pay a protection fee have the goblin mobster come by, make a collection, and then your under the goblin gang's protection like the mafia.

  5. I find it weird that people talk about being uncomfortable playing rogue-likes without keypad support. I can't play them without vi-key support. I wonder if that makes me old 🙂 (And, yes, I remapped all my keys in DF to support vi-keys years ago… So basically none of my keybindings is normal…)

  6. God I wish toady changes the creature layer system. The fact you cant modularly add layers to creatures means modders have to rewrite and replace the whole dwarven graphic file just to add a few new clothing items and weapons visible in game — not to mention incompatility between graphic mods because only one graphic file can be used to define a dwarf.

  7. Linux got mentionned, i just want to drop my two cents. It runs good, proton is amazing. Performance is less than what i used to have in 0.47 but i've only tried on my not very good ~7yo laptop.

  8. Hey Blind, your quick concise tutorials saved my ass in the new steam release and helped me get through the game quite a bit! This video nicely outlines the stand-out parts of the forum discussion which I always appreciate, I find it hard to read forum discussions sometimes for some reason lol.
    If there's one thing I can't deal with is being shown the text, reading it one way, and you misreading and stumbling over it in voice over – had to mute the video any time screencaps showed up. It's disorienting and confuses my brain, I dunno if you can afford to re-read the lines until you get it on point. Maybe it takes too long and you prioritize content turnout which I'm not complaining. I don't know the reasons why it keeps happening in your videos, I don't mean to be disrespectful or presume any incompetence – your content rocks and it absolutely shows you're putting your all into it!

  9. At the moment, rather than new features I'd prefer if all the features that are currently in game work as intended. Part of the struggle playing the game is circumventing game code issues. Worst offenders begin game stopping issues.

  10. I would turn off Metals from showing too. i had to help friend tell if there was metal at the place im looking so that i dont see what metals 😀 i set mineral occurence less than frequent too

  11. wonder if we will get a slavery system like stellaris, the possibility to choose bolts type for marksdwarve and the possibility to make a treasure room/museum designation with all our treasure inside.

  12. That word at 2:05 is pronounced "dell-eh-tear-ius" and it means "causing harm or damage". Don't know why OP decided to go for a five-dollar word when "hurtful" would have worked, but hey, it's a free country.

  13. In previous versions I would go out in adventurer mode to scout out potential fort locations to prospect for what ores were available, or at least visible from the surface, if there was sand etc. I like the ability to see what there is on the embark as it makes things much simpler, but I feel a bit nostalgic for the old pre-run prospecting, it was especially special when the adv mode dwarf I had used ended up migrating to the fort.

  14. For the question about turning off prospector mode in embark? The search function has always been in the game, just not quite like it is now. You've always had the option of looking for flux and such. We also knew where sand and clay was. That's been in the search function for a long time.

  15. I've been keeping a list of sorts for familiar features that didn't make it into premium release.
    it seems like Tarn blasted through a lot of the list in December, I haven't noticed any "dumbing down" of the game at all like some people have mentioned.

    I'm sure by the time adventure mode makes it's way into the game, we should be seeing the majority of fortress mode features that didn't make the cut.

  16. They haven't made that much honestly. And I think the majority of sales are down to me and thee who have been playing this 'hidden gem' for eons. I think as the game gets more airtime and the new starters start to get to grips with it (and actually sticking with it). The better the sales will be. Also there's an entire, self hating sect that ONLY play adventure mode so I would hope they get an influx again for that.

  17. Sounds like some pretty fair updates. Glad the focus seems to be in the right places with bug fixing and Area Mode, and I think ToadyOne did a solid job with the Future of The Fortress posts.

    Thanks for the overview as well!

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