General Election NOW!

As Liz Truss is forced out of office, Britain will have its third prime minister this year. Whether it’s Rishi Sunak, Penny Mordaunt or indeed Boris Johnson – who is plotting a return – this farce leaves Britain in an economic and soil death spiral. Only a general election gives this country hope of being prised away from the grip of these lunatics – but will the Tories ever allow an election which could wipe them out? And how much is the Tory crisis about something far more profound – a broken economic model that itself has to go?

We’re joined by the brilliant economist Faiza Shaheen.

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Labour is dead! Do you really think labour will ever be radical? They are as establishment as the tories. They will just tinker around the edges. Btw Starmer is a liar and will always be liar.

  2. Owen, you either don't know the rules in your own country or you're smoking something. UK doesn't have a Constitution hence there is no way to deal with awkward situations like you have today when crooks and incompetents took over the government and can't be pushed aside … UK resembles of an African semi-dictatorship

  3. England 2022
    1. An epidemic of child abuse
    2. Mass poverty
    3. Poor paid jobs
    4. NHS horrific waiting times and doctors leaving
    5. Schools with hideous teachers
    6. No police on the streets
    7. Food banks are the new norm
    8. Conservative government are the new thicko party
    I could go on and on and on

    Welcome to broken Britain people who vote or support the torys are plain thick and uneducated

  4. Part 3: If in the mini budget Truss and Kwarteng lacked a certain market “realism” it was that they believed in the “idealist” myth of the middleclass as not a class for themselves. So with reference to marginal exchange differences finally my Hume quote is “why should I choose the saving of millions over a scratch of my finger” (Hume’s Treatise translation modified: ). There is much more in your video and in the Broadbent speech, but that’s enough for now. Thanks to my local library and staff. Thanks for your time reading

  5. The message they're sending out to the rest of the world, people in this country enjoy being abused by politicians. It doesn't matter what they do, they can still hold their position in government.

    I often wonder if these things were happening in another country, would they accept it. Would the main stream media let it flight. Just asking.

    Because this country is quick to judge others on politics, they should do this, they should do that, they have the blue print for what's right and what's wrong.

  6. Her resignation was her best U-turn yet.
    Be realistic, there is no chance for general elections now. Zero. Ziltch. Nada.
    Hang on to your seats (this literally is true for MPs at the momentl 🙂 because UK is falling down a steep slope in the coming months/years. It might not emerge out of it as a union (NIexit? SCexit?)
    Instead of wishful thinking, prepare yourself for a very cold economical winter (or drought… which ever metaphor works for you).

  7. To be fair, she said sorry…then off to spend her lifetime pension, lifetime bodyguards, lifetime expenses, lifetime connections…and you pay for it. democracy at it's best.

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