General Radahn Is The Hero EXPLAINED Elden Ring LORE (Starscourge, Malenia, Caelid, Demi Gods )

Let’s talk about the hero of Elden Ring’s story & the strongest Demi-god of them all.

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  1. My dude! How are you so prolific with the uploads?!? Im still unpacking from the last one.

    Jokes aside, your amazing, love the content, keep up the amazing work!!!

  2. Of all the demigods we face radahn Is the only one that had to be deliberately nerfed in lore before we get to him.

    Ngl it felt cheap, like the real fight had passed and we were just cleaning up the mess. But given how early you face him that's probably intentional. Putting him out of his misery did feel like a good thing though. As blithe says, he was indeed a legend.

  3. I really hope the DLC we get takes us into the past so we can be there in the thick of the shattering. Clans vs houses, Demi-God vs Demi-God. And dig deeper into the events that unfolded.

  4. Or maybe radagon was born part giant and that explains the red hair and the reason he doesn’t like it is because of his close ties to the golden order at birth.

  5. I think this is all about who is gonna be a successor miquayla or rhadon they are by far the strongest with the most ability and thats why Melina tried to kill radahn so when miquella finally came back there would be know one to stop the haligtree from taking over

  6. i dont know how i never read his rememberance, but he LITERALLY LEARNED GRAVITY MAGIC SO HE COULD KEEP RIDING HIS TRUSTY HORSE DESPITE HOW OLD AND SCRAWNY IT WAS. HE IS THE NUMBER ONE BEST HERO I LOVE HIM NOW. not only that, but the dude is a scarlet infested cannibal and he can STILL take on a pack of warriors on his own. prime radahn would probably body you without even breaking a sweat.

  7. Renalla for some reason in her brief presence in this video gave me down syndrome vibes a little bit. Honestly if that was the case I would be even more intrigued by the story.

  8. Radahn may not be the only child of rennala and radagon who has Red hair it is theorised that Ranni had Red Hair since her Corpse shows tiny specs of red on her head. Also Rykard had Red hair shown on Paintings

  9. I think that Radahn was also holding the stars in place because of the falling star beasts and Astels that where attacking the lands between. It is heavily implied that Farum Azula was destroyed by a meteor and that meteors bring the beings from the stars. So maybe Radahn was trying to protect the World from Astel, Naturalborn of the Void and by killing him, we unleashed it on Noskron. Knowing this makes Radahn’s demise more tragic and gives him a much deeper and heroic layer than just pure strength. He’s an actual hero with Artoryas’ vibes.

  10. i think it would have been interesting if there was a way around the story where if you fight malenia before rahdan then he loses his scarlet rot or most of it and he becomes straight cracked like the malenia boss fight

  11. Ranni's actual non puppet body has red hair. Rykard has some reddishness where his hair would be as well. The only child of radagon without red hair is Miquella.

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