Gods Renewed! | Fire Emblem Heroes – Book 7: Paralogue 80 (Blind) [& Summons]

Happy New Year everyone! Hope 2023 brings good things for you all, especially some good luck with those free tickets!

0:00 Intro
0:50 Paralogue 80-1
5:15 Paralogue 80-2
7:35 Paralogue 80-3
11:55 Tempest Trials Life & Death Finale Opening Supplement
12:40 Tempest Trials Life & Death Finale Ending Supplement
13:35 Tempest Trials Life & Death Finale Ending
18:00 Tempest Trials Renewing Gifts Opening
19:10 Tempest Trials Renewing Gifts Final Map
22:20 Summons


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One Comment

  1. Elm is such a smol boi xD he's so puntable
    Also for my tickets I got ny reggin and my velouria I got another merge for her so I'm happy! :D💞 also really want to try for elm I tried abit like 50 orbs didn't get anything but idk now what I should do should I keep saving orbs for hall forms revival for spring Vero or reach the spark for elm? since my Feh pass subscription will soon go away I'm really indecisive rn!:')
    Amazing video as always Zeez! Lute gaming superior
    Also I love how they used book 6 ending movie music for paralogue ending it's really cute music

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