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Ground blinds are supposed to sit on the ground right? Why not follow my deer blind plans and build a ground blind platform that accomplishes two objectives. First, it will get you slightly off the ground (above the water & critters). Second, it will get you mobile! You can set up your ground blind once and then move it as needed! Build it to any size to meet your hunting blind’s dimensions and you are off and hunting.

Homemade deer blinds can end up being better than anything you can buy on the market. Hunting blinds come in many shapes, sizes, and prices these days. With a few simple tools you can create your own inexpensive lift kit to optimize your deer hunting efforts. Your hunting buddies will be shocked when you show up to deer camp with a mobile ground blind!

In this video, I will show you how to build your own deer blind. I will walk you through how I took an old ground blind for deer hunting and turned it into a mobile hunting blind. I built a 4×4 platform out of 3/4 inch EMT piping and built sleds on the bottom to make it mobile. This deer blind platform gets the ground blind about 2 feet off the ground which makes it perfect for dry hunting in those wet bottoms where the BIG BOYS hang out.

Building a hunting blind can be fun and exciting. This project was simple, fun, and inexpensive! This ground blind platform will revolutionize my future ground blinds.

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