Hardest Hunt Of My Life!! (Mud Flat Ducks) – Duck Hunting Competition Day 1

Day 1 @High Prairie Sportsmen and @Freelance Duck Hunting :

Day 1 @Jordans Harvest and @Cherry Creek Outdoors :


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  1. Fun challenge. We are mudflat specialists. Every hunt we do is on a tidal mudflat. Tips for next time. Don't use grass as camo on a mud flat. The mudflat game is all about drawing the eyes of the ducks. They should be focused on the decoys. If you stand out (doesn't matter if it is natural or not) then it will draw their eyes away from the decoys and they will not finish or even flare. Burlap is the choice. Do not set up with the decoys in front of you. There should be nothing but open water. If they can focus on the decoys and not you you hit them on the approach. If the wind is at your back then put two groups with open water as a landing zone. and be a little bit to one side or the other.They will land like that teal did at the beginning. Put the deeks on the edge of the water and be sure you are at least 15 yards from the edge of the water. The temptation is to put your decoys further in the water and then you be on the edge. They will flare. Instead leave a gap of 10+ yards of mud between edge of the water and you. .Sils are your friend. Last but not least. Profile is your enemy. We have hunted where you carry only an ammo box and burlap. You lay down with the ammo box as your pillow and put the burlap over you. They completely ignore you. Because we are in the mud so much we have gone to hunting in drysuits. I would be lost in flooded timber, but give me a mudflat and I will kill ducks. :). That is the challenge of hunting new spots!

  2. I’ve hunted stuff very similar to that years ago. Was on a little bit more dry ground than what y’all are in. Didn’t have layout blinds so we carried shovels and burlap. Dug in until we were just about level with the ground, laying down. Was sheet water just like that and crystal clear. We were where the ducks wanted to be so we carried in a dozen decoys (these were the old GHg with the removable keels) I pulled the keels off and screwed an eyelet screw into the bottom of the decoys then sealed them with silicone. Decoy line was 40 pound monofilament fishin line varying from 6 to 20 inches long and 2 or 3 ounce bank sinkers. The line was pretty much invisible. We didn’t use spinners. The varied lengths of line would make the decoys swim at different rates from one another. Most days it was very limited calling, as when we’d scout it, the birds on the water hardly ever made much commotion to the birds in the air.

  3. From the Great Northwest public Duck Blind, very cool guys, nice to see you guys all together, very fun watching all of you guys together each individual videos, thank you very much for your hard work, I hunt and it's a struggle too but I couldn't imagine filming, rinse the mud off clean up get ready to go again, oh what's that editing and filming too, like I say great job, okay God bless from the northwest

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