Here's Why Ground Blinds for Deer Hunting are So Popular – Deer & Deer Hunting TV, Full Episode Ground blinds are becoming more popular, but can they really offer a better hunting experience than a treestand? Take a look in this full episode of Deer & Deer Hunting TV.

There are many advantages to using ground blinds, but three stand out from the rest.

First, ground blinds don’t involve ascending trees or hunting from elevated places. That drastically cuts down on the chances of injury from a fall, and frees the hunter from needing to wear a safety harness.

Second, ground blinds can be used in almost any terrain. It doesn’t matter if there are trees or not, a hunter can pop up a ground blind quickly and use natural cover as an added advantage. This opens up scores of opportunities a treestand can’t offer.

Finally, hunters enjoy more wiggle room inside a ground blind versus a treestand. There’s space to stretch out and then some. That makes a tandem hunt all the more enjoyable.

Don’t forget: ground blinds keep you sheltered from the wind. When it gets cold, you’ll appreciate those four walls.

Learn more about using ground blinds in this full episode of Deer & Deer Hunting TV.

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  1. I've taken my best deer from a ground blind. My ground blind is quickly mobile and works great. It consists of camo netting tied to 4 poles. I use a quiet swivel seat inside the blind. Completed covered in wooded camo head to toe, like a turkey hunter, I simple add a little forest ground covering to the outside to help add the natural touch. I can set up in approximately 10 minutes and tear down in 5. Setting up with an evergreen to my back, I actually become a part of the tree. I make sure my 400 yard rifle shooting field is in front of me and I'm good to go.

  2. i've had great results from using blinds for a few yrs now and all i use is black powder gun , i recently built a 8' high hunting stand 6'x 6'- 6' ceiling very comfortable and more forgiving on my first food plot yr

  3. The day will never come when I sit in one of those ridiculous things.
    It's redundant, you're wearing cloth camo, why get behind more cloth camo that doesn't blend in with anything anyways?
    They're as obvious as a pimple on your face…. That's why people call them "ZITS"
    The "experts" will say…
    "Brush it in, then brush it in again!"
    Guess What? You just made a ground blind!
    Take it back to Cabelas and tell them you've grown as a hunter/outdoorsman and you don't need it anymore.
    But here we are…
    Welcome to the world of dumb down deer hunting boys!
    Where you don't need to develop any skills or grow as hunter/outdoorsman.
    All you got to do is just believe all the BS marketing in the hunting vids/infomercials! and buy into what their selling.

    Don't fall for all the BS, it's simply not necessary to become a REAL HUNTER !!!
    Shooting a deer from an enclosed structure (especially in a food plot or worse bait)
    Is nothing to be proud of.
    It's an act of desperation.
    That's what people that don't know how to hunt have to resort to. Many of them aren't in it for the hunt anyways. They just want something dead, not to feed their stomachs but to feed their egos.
    Training a deer to do something, then shooting them from an enclosure is NOT hunting
    When you fall into that trap, the learning curve stops and there you are….
    Another jackass short cut wannabe that would never be in the sport if they had to actually work for success.

  4. Shame on you. You showed horizontal firearms shooting across fields into the woods where other hunters could be killed by your reckless mindless shooting. With elevated treestands you can more easily choose safe shooting directions such that the shot has a proper backstop at an angle into the ground. It is true that you can safely shoot out of ground blinds but it is much more difficult to properly orient a ground blind to create a safe backstop.

  5. Also in a ground Blind, You have the option, Of placing a small portable Heater, Near you, To help keep out the Chill, On those frosty, Snowy, Days, To help you stay out Hunting much longer in comfort & Tag your Deer etc.

  6. I personally have NEVER hunted from a tree stand, always on the ground, you just need to be smart about it, i will find a spot and spend 10 mins moving branches and boughs to both gain comfort and cover

  7. Americans want every thing too easy you got to hunt with a helicopter or its got to bring it to you why dont you just stick the animal in a cage and shoot it and call it hunting

  8. At 62 years of age, I find myself using ground blinds more and more. The less disturbance of the area the better. 3 deer last year with the bow, 2 out of the blinds. looking to the season coming up . Never have believed in the moon phase bull!! Don't use baits or food plots just hunt the old fashion way . Do YOUR HOME WORK!! Pay attention to detail the deer tell their stories in the earth. You just have to learn how to read their writing , hoof prints, droppings, eating the shrubs and grasses. Good luck

  9. I taken a few deer with a slug gun but ear protection is a must in a blind I tryed sticking the muzzle as far out as I can on the steady sticks and that 980 ultra slug gun still barks

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